Mexico, Trump and the reclamation of land

September 7, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

Just when one thinks Trump is ‘the’ man for President and given Hillary’s “political trust” issues, along comes the threat/promise that if he does indeed get into the White House, and build that Wall along the Mexican Borders, then straight out of history books, the Mexicans will be seeking their original lands back, such as California and Texas, etc.

Whether this is legally possible is another matter but one has to concede it is a great political “left hook” for such a particular ‘Macho in Mexico’ heavyweight fight.

There are websites claiming an exodus of Americans to Canada last seen in the days of draft-dodging during the American War in Vietnam – the whole period from 1955-1975.

One wonders when the musical chairs will stop, first the migrants in Europe, now the Americans. Who will end up where?

Those who should be voting for Candidate Trump’s Republican Party are either opting for Hillary Clinton, the ‘also ran’, or neither!

Mr Obama told Britain how to vote, left it to them, then said we got it wrong. He would be wiser to get his own White House in order before he leaves Office.

Like Mr Cameron, he will be pulled off the stage unceremoniously, with a chocolate medal on a ribbon for his self declared ‘history making’ climate change deal with China after America was one of the last to participate in that area of commitment, whilst at the same time leaving his own Country in a terrible political mess. Those who live in glass houses as they say.

Once again he boasts as if he invented America and saved the planet from Climate Change, with China as his side-kick Robin to Obama’s Batman actions.

Even other Americans claim Mr Obama is not everyone’s ideal President, and was not their choice but their words are muffled or suppressed completely by the Obama Press Wagon.

If Mexico is successful in their bid over reclaiming former territories, then such lateral ideas may take on elsewhere – and perhaps the Native Americans can get their Country back!

No walls needed, all the Republicans would have to do then is just to put the political Trump wagons in a Reagan style circle!








Hazel Speed

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