September 7, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Geraint Rowland



David Paul White



Dreams May Come



I am bathing in a certain

Youthful omnipotence. Seeking that which

Makes itself known. Desire. Hot messes. Travesties. Smoothened

Physicalities, legs trembling, scattered

Locks. Beds which reek of lavender

In the moonlight. A sweet flame is

Splashed upon the walls, candles

Empty, dancing daintily in the blue corners of

The night.


And I am bathing in this youthful

Impulse. Craving certain primeval

Reproductive tendencies, which seldom are spoken of.

Lust. Teen Aged Years and the

Inherent desires for curved hot steamed bodies.

Floral hearts. Figures beneath the immature sheets.

Ragged bodies, unknown, in triumphant pleasure

An idiosyncratic symphony of metronomic

Sound which will resonate thru the hot

Exasperation of the room. Endlessly seeking, ending the

Seemingly endless pleasures and hot

Passions of these youthful hours.

For it is known. Nothing is

Better than…







La Mer



Picturing Death,

Death on the streets.


And my soul

            Floats away and

Drowns itself in `-


It has been

So long since

            My brain has

                        Ceased to begin


            The year grows shorter…

The Sea is a very simple



It is so long

            And life

                        Is red as the



Trembles in sleep.

            The cold hours













David Paul White

David Paul White is a 17 year old, poet, visual artist, as well as short fiction writer based in Windsor, Ontario Canada. His poetry has been published in various Canadian literary journals, and his artworks have been featured in multiple local galleries and shows. David strives for originality and unique creative progression as a means to study the self, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and most often mentally. His work often portrays the internal, as well as the implicitly external struggles that come in youth, highlighting the hardship one may experience in transitioning from child to adult. Delving into the stream of consciousness, and the examination of the progress of one’s own transcendence.


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