Fiction: The Dead Cockerel that Crows at Night

October 6, 2016 Fiction , POETRY / FICTION

Monsieur Qui



Ugwu Leonard Elvis



We have been living in horror for four years now, we were ordered that once it’s 6:00 pm everybody should go back to his flat and never come out till sunrise because of the evil chartering, crow and mumbling sounds we hear at night. It has been known that a giant hen crows at night and brings terror to the neighborhood. It has been crowing in the neighbourhood disturbing people from their sleep, giving us sleepless nights for years now. Everything possible has been done to stop this crow at night but it seems a mystery. One day I decided to play the hero, find out where this noisy crow comes from and stop it. That day I borrowed a spear, gun, rain boots, and joined with the huge machete, hand gloves, bow and arrow I already had, I was set for war…

At night I stepped out and felt the evil lurking around the dusk of dawn. Patiently I waited for this crow until it was 11: 15 pm. I heard the sound of steps echoing the heavens though I was in the open dark yet it sounded loud like it echoed in a room. The steps were louder and louder as it approached, the wind whiled dusts around with its whoo! sound, boldly enough I raised my gun but dropped it when I saw a huge giant cockerel stepping towards me. Shivering and jittery I was dumbfounded as I stood below its legs, then I noticed I was a dwarf to this huge monster-bird. She wore a red cap above her comb, with feathers beautifully carved and curved with red ribbons, her beak longer than a wind pipe. I couldn’t make a move, my mouth was wide, my eyes swollen, and my mind blank.

Not minding my presence it crowed very loudly which made me shiver thinking the open beak of hers can swallow the ant beneath her claws. She crowed consistently in a bold sharp sound like a trumpet, frightening the neighbourhood as usual. As it made the sound it raised its feathers.

Suddenly it looked down and stared at me for a while, smiling at me with its burst chin. Soon it frowned and its forehead squeezed, then I stepped backwards with my heels far away from it but it made no move, only staring at me! At this point I regained myself and swiftly pulled the trigger straight to its crop, then again to its gullet. When I shot this gun I noticed I had touched the tiger by its tail. Immediately the huge hen ran like a bird pursued for slaughter towards me. Swiftly I set the bow and arrow to its head yet it came toward me…Hooo! I had to run for my life. As I was about to step my legs to run like an athlete, my foot slipped towards a stone and I fell. Fast enough the huge hen caught up with me but it ran past, fell and shattered a hut by my back… I had shot the arrow straight to its eye.

Keep trying for victory is sure…










Ugwu Leonard Elvis

Ugwu Leonard Elvis is a famous and award winning writer and poet, coordinator of the Creative Writers Association of Nigeria Enugu State chapter and a squire of the World Union of Poets.

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  1. Lawrence October 06, at 08:58

    Very interesting write up, more inks to thy pen.


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