Orgreave – Mrs Thatcher’s Halloween Ghost!

November 1, 2016 OPINION/NEWS


Hazel Speed

A couple of years ago, during a train journey into London, a large slogan on a building caught my eye: ‘the witch is dead but the spell lives on‘.

I remember the days of the miners’ dispute very well and watched events unfold. Also, most importantly, I had no direct link to either side but given Mrs Thatcher was already someone many did not admire in any way, for her lack of fairness, compassion, humanity towards ordinary working people, all that people wanted to know were the facts of the issue and the evidence ‘available’ to the public along with all broadcast personal testimonies.

Politics before Mrs Thatcher’s time were about as honourable as they were ever going to be, then overnight, according to many who lived through those times, the UK had its first democratic fascist. Ruthless business deals benefitting the already rich were priority. She began splitting the views of the country, lived with that ethos and died leaving the same legacy.

What a shame, especially when popular opinion thought Barbara Castle (Labour) should have historically been the first woman Prime Minister as she had all the above qualities of heart towards her fellow human beings. Neil Kinnock and other politicians said in public that Barbara Castle missed her true destiny in that regard.

Following the death of Mrs Thatcher, during comments and tributes, good and bad, Glenda Jackson‘s remarks in The House of Commons were restrained considering the hardships many people suffered via Mrs Thatcher’s policies. This is factually recorded from that era and even to this day. If people claimed that to be untrue then they did not speak to the right people. That I know to be correct.

I have already put on record my thoughts in a previous article about Orgreave so wish to consider the news today which has fazed most who have heard the decision that apparently, after keeping the families of miners waiting for justice following statements of hope in recent times, that it would not benefit anyone to have an inquiry after all.


Police attack the Orgreave mass picket during the miners’ strike – Photo – John Sturrock


Given the link regarding Yorkshire Police Force also being involved with both the Orgreave incident and Hillsborough, it ‘may’ be the case the falsification of facts could also be duplicated regarding matters, and added to that we still do not know who gave the Police ‘cavalry’ (and dogs) the order to charge at miners lawfully demonstrating without violence – and for any portrayed as being violent towards the Police – video footage or film from that era of technology should be made available so that all can see what may have occurred, or did not, leading up to all events.

It is so easy to edit and air-brush life if the will to do so is present. Some of the scenes probably had not been replicated in actuality since the English Civil War – Englishman against Englishman – the saddest war of all (though all are truly sad wherever they occur).

According to BBC Radio news and commentators, apparently the files will remain ‘sealed’ until we are all skeletons in this halloween cupboard of shame and cover up. It begs the question what is it that is really being hidden in this particular closet.

Mrs May promises Brexit is Brexit then allegedly does private deals to assist Bankers, Car Manufacturers, et al – that is called democracy?

She led those who suffered through the miners’ strike (many will be dead possibly by now without seeing Justice anyway, sadly) to have a glimmer of hope that a Public Inquiry or similar facility would be initiated, now it will not.

Ever since I was a child, and am now in my mid 60s, people were proud that Britain was always known for above all else, standing up for Justice and what does Magna Carta stand for again, not much that I can ever see.

We have certain Government-related Institutions in name, buildings and personnel that all infer honour and Justice yet they do not know the meaning of it when it comes to the daily lives of ordinary people.

The Lady Justice statue balancing the scales of Justice above London’s Famous Law Court (The Old Bailey) is blind-folded so that only the evidence is weighed for either side but in reality she is blind-folded out of shame. Only God looks and can see deep into the hearts of us all – even those who are found wanting! Nothing can be hidden or covered up from Him.

Mrs May & Co., I have to tell you that many are considering this neglect of your duty to be most shabby and not worthy of Government High Office formerly associated with this Great Nation of ours.

There are those who will say God forgive you as there will be many who will not.

Why is it political barrels of apples no longer hide a sole rotten one but rather the whole barrel is ‘squishy’ and it is easier to search for a good one, should even that exist?

Mrs May might have thought Brexit was bad enough but now she has two more – Hexit, those against the Heathrow airport expansion, and Miners and Families who will fight on for Justice – Jexit – Justice for all.

Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive…

How vastly we improve our style when we have practised for a while

(Quote – I think that was courtesy of JR Ewing – how fitting).









Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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