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Sourav Sarkar






On such a sunny day our journey began

Charming queen (spring) came again

Bouquet of flowers I used to carry

Two pennies were enough for merry

Eyes got that glitter of a star unknown

Perhaps far more distant than sun

She was alone

Only half of her life she lived

Somebody stole her old necklace

That was her only insignia

From her mother

Somebody thieved

Cold drowsy wind sometime baffle

She hurdled more

To reach at the shore

She drowned sure.









A Fresh Lease Of Life



Poppy seeds are swinging in the air

A fellow is singing a country song

Nobody there to cheer

None has time to hear long

You can not cherish dream unless you dreamt in past

I need a life fresh which will last

A narrow escape through the village nearby

Muddy path that follows to the farthest sky

I can smell marigolds yellow

They are smiling fellow

Cow dung spread here and there

Calf of a new mother stand still there

Corn field looks amazing

As Childs are playing

Fresh lease of life

We need .











Sourav Sarkar

Sourav Sarkar

The poet Sourav Sarkar was born in November 1988 in Cooch Behar district, West Bengal, INDIA. He received a graduation in English Literature from  University B.T & Evening college and a Post graduate from St. Joseph’s college Darjeeling in English Literature. Foremost he is a poet and is writing in vernacular (Bengali language) and especially (English poems). He is also writing critical pieces, short stories and novels. His poems have appeared in many magazines and newspapers.

I have been writing from my childhood days since 2005. I am 27 years old. I am a nature lover and invoke beauty of nature, but I have written poems from different angles of life and each poem of mine has its own individual theme.

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