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November 16, 2016 OPINION/NEWS

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Shahper Hassan

The fear of being attacked and the country’s overall economic condition were the reasons the establishment in Pakistan wanted to divert the attention of US/NATO forces and the international community to somewhere else.

Here is the background as stated in my previous article ‘Stagnate or evolve‘: A state where citizens have no rights and where others interfere in your life and your privacy is breached is not a state, it’s a joke… and that is how and why governments and states are involved in committing crimes.

Pakistan, being a state that could not be organized in seven decades, whatever the reasons, was going through one of the difficult economic phases. The US pressure on the state because of war in Afghanistan had given it limited options or maybe no option. As per reports, the US kept giving the Pakistani military a huge amount of dollars and other military aid and equipment, but the military remained skeptical about its intentions and was scared that actually it is them that will at a later stage become target of the US and NATO forces. As above, it was ehe fear of getting attacked and the overall economic condition of the country were the reasons it wanted to divert the attention of the US/NATO forces and the international community to somewhere else.

It wasn’t only the US/NATO, the Muslim world also had to be tricked to prove a point, maybe it was for manpower—to keep Arabs on their side who could fight on their behalf as a loose network. Another reason was that Pakistan siding with the US was not seen positively by the Muslim world. As the war started after the 9/11 attacks, having been five to six years, the US demand for doing more and Pakistan’s wish for more aid and equipment was another reason for the war crimes and the involvement of governments, which I am mentioning here.

With the intention of diversion, economic benefit, better relations, trade and other agreements with the governments of other countries they decided to stage a play. It was not the military alone, the government and some related to the media went to the extent that crossed all limits of humanity. In the article ‘The establishment’s dilemma‘ which appeared in the Dawn newspaper on November 12, Pervez Hoodbhoy wrote “Establishment members are serving and retired generals, politicians in office and some in the opposition, ex-ambassadors and diplomats, civil servants, and selected businessmen. The boundaries are fluid—as some move in, others move out. In earlier days English was the preferred language of communication but this morphed into Urdu as the elite indigenized, became less cosmopolitan, and developed firmer religious roots.”

Other than “developed firmer religious roots” the rest is fine. The establishment use religion as per their requirements which as such has no value for them. In 2006, without me having any prior knowledge, I was given an opportunity to travel to the United Arab Emirates and work for a newspaper there. I was already working for English daily The News International in Pakistan and had absolutely no idea that I was suffering from a form of black magic and that a large part of this society was involved in sorcery practices and that’s why I said in my article people here are not even Muslims – this is one of the reasons. Their plan was, influence a mind, make it do criminal activities and make it an issue while trying to negotiate with other nations for economic and other gains.

The intellectual capacity of a nation can be evaluated by what its media writes, talks about, and what state institutions do and how they perform. They unitedly created, or to better call it, destroyed a personality and then tried to play a card at a critical time to win over other nations and develop relations in a situation more or less like this one.

Indian movies were allowed to be screened in Pakistan in 2006 amid ‘improving ties’ between Pakistan and India. The fact is the local cinema industry was on the brink of annihilation just like almost everything in the country, so something had to be done. I don’t think the neutral investigative journalists could figure out what was happening. But because this is something that happened to me I am writing it here, something which the international community needs to know, which I guess is already known. They are the criminals, not me. Even still my mind is being influenced, I am being harassed and threatened by different methods. Not only this, I am not being allowed to work properly.

The moral decay of these people is first they make you do crimes, then say he is a criminal and then claim to have high moral values and because of this other countries should interact with them. I don’t think the international community understands all this. The behaviour of these people, establishment and society, makes them neither Muslims nor humans and that’s why others call us a dirty country, dirty people.

The drama staged in Dubai involving me was planned and executed very systematically with different teams and negotiators with given tasks. I also doubt the girl who I married and that the marriage could be consummated, this also playing a role in the entire drama. Here I will briefly mention the plot: Shahper Imam Bin Hassan, son of a well-known media personality, himself a journalist, marries a girl called Nimra, which in Urdu means ‘Janat ka tukra‘ (piece of Paradise), instead of bringing his wife to the UAE, is spending time with other women, leaving her behind. Whereas the truth is, I was kept there with proper planning as my mind was being affected with their own black magic and demons, and forced to do many things which I never wanted to do. I was badly manipulated. If I am not wrong, I became their golden goose because I spent some time with a militant organization in Afghanistan and they knew when the time came I could be useful. They also knew after living with the militants, I had decided not to be part of them. I have stated it many times on Facebook and other places that I never liked the militants and militancy and cannot be blamed for anything. So, after I came back from Afghanistan and started living a normal life, the unfortunate events taking place and wars starting, I was someone who could be useful in another way.

Now here is a question, when I was clean and had no role in any sort of militancy why was I framed in this role? The second question is even if my mind was being influenced, and I did something wrong which was say spending time with other females, why interfere in my life? And it’s not just interference, the establishment itself started behaving like criminals and started a campaign to further destroy me, my personality and killed me economically. Looking at it from all angles, these people are wrong, morally and religiously. These people and this society have nothing to do with religion. Why, I will explain in my next article.









 Shahper Hassan

Shahper Hassan

The writer has worked as journalist for English dailies in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.

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