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December 1, 2016 Film/TV , MUSIC/FILM/TV


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International acclaim is stacking up for Serbian actor SLAVEN DOŠLO, who earned an Angela Award for his outstanding acting performance in Next to Me / Pored Mene.

At the culmination of the four-day Subtitle European Film Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland, Slaven was presented with the award on stage in front of 200 leading film directors, producers, casting directors and stars from America and Europe.


Slaven Doslo award



“I appreciate receiving this international award from a festival that is really one of a kind,’ said Slaven Doslo.

“This award means a lot to me, embodying as it does the tremendous international support for my work, particularly in the film Next to Me.

“I am just so grateful to director Stevan Filipovic for giving me the opportunity to play a role that has had such impact in Serbia and is now bringing me success with an international audience who really love the movie.”


Pored Mene - Next To Me




Impact in Serbia translates to international opportunities


This award acknowledges Slaven as an actor with appeal to international cinema audiences and should serve to drive forward his ambition for English-language roles.

After the awards, Slaven celebrated with Star Trek Beyond actress Sofia Boutella at a courtyard party attended by Dutch ‘Layla M’ actress Nora El Koussour, Poldark’s Aiden Turner, Serbian actor Miloš Bikovic and six-times Oscar nominated director Jim Sheridan.

The Subtitle European Film Festival focuses on bringing together the cream of Europe’s actors with casting directors and producers from Europe and the US.

Slaven hosted two Irish premiere screenings of Next to Me at the festivals, both to enthusiastic audiences of film industry professionals.

The film screened alongside the best of European cinema, including many award-winning films and some Oscar submissions from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Romania, Germany, Belgium, France, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Poland, the Netherlands, Russia, Georgia and the Czech Republic.



Photo – Alina Kisina – Subtitle Film Festival




Slaven Doslo recognised as leading European actor


This award cements Slaven Došlo as a rising star of European cinema, best known for his highly praised roles in Pored Mene (Next to Me(2015), Panama (2015) and Vlažnost (Humidity) (2016).

His first taste of success came with the lead in Panama (dir. Pavle Vuckovic), a contemporary thriller about sexual politics and obsession.

Lauded at the Cannes Film Festival, Slaven was named Best Male Actor by the Niš Film Festival.




Slaven’s next cinema release catapulted Slaven to mass appeal and saw his face splashed across billboards and magazine racks for months to come.

His was the face of summer in Serbia, thanks to a notable lead in the year’s biggest domestic film, Pored Mene (Next to Me), which topped the Serbian box office for a month.

As well as drawing praise for Slaven’s stand-out role as a gay student in Belgrade, the ensemble drama from writer-director Stevan Filipovic was named Best Film at the Pula International Film Festival and won the Young Audience Award at the Sarajevo Film Festival.



Slaven Došlo: Actor of the Year


Slaven was named Actor of the Year in the first ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ from Serbia’s Men’s Health magazine (Oct 2015), crowning a summer of success with two box office hits and film festival awards.

His stand-out performance as a sharp-witted college boy who enjoys Serbiancinema’s first teenage gay kiss attracted overwhelming critical acclaim at home and abroad, including international trade title, The Hollywood Reporter.

Next to Me continues to pack screenings at film festivals in the UK, USA and Europe.

In 2016 Slaven’s next project picked up the Best Film Award at the Belgrade International Film FestivalVlaznost (Humidity).


Vlaznost - Humidity



This captivating drama from director Serbian Nikola Ljuca premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival, where Slaven was picked out as a young hopeful among the rising stars of European cinema.

Recently, Slaven enrolled as Ilija ‘Ika’ Moraca, a charismatic but headstrong army cadet in successful Serbian TV series Vojna Akademija (Military Academy).

The popular RTS series has attracted large audiences with its entertaining portrayal of the lives and loves of young recruits inside a Serbian military academy since it aired in 2012.










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