December 1, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Jennifer N. Shannon






he got shot

captured on video

running away, fleeing for life

yet death caught him

made sure he was still and cold on the ground

placed a taser near his body

tells an unconfirmed, believed tale:

“he grabbed my taser moments before he ran…i was scared”


but on video it seems clear

the video shows, the evidence shows

but it’s still not enough

death has a stronger case

a jury of his peers

a simulation of what the video can’t show:

“he grabbed my taser moments before he ran…i was scared”


we will sit by to hear the verdict

cringing because we’ve seen past verdicts: not guilty

despite the facts

despite the video: not guilty


in other words:

he deserved to die

be shot

in the back, while he fled

’cause he was bad, misguided

he was Black


and death clothed in prejudice and justice will always come to kill.










Jennifer N Shannon jns

Jennifer N. Shannon

Jennifer N. Shannon (jns) is an author, writer and artist. Writing is the place she feels the most free and even during “work hours” she is often consumed by an overwhelming desire to share experiences, dreams and anything that has to do with love and truth, with those who like her want to feel and be more than what is considered the norm. She has authored and published three books and has had short stories and poems published by literary magazines. Her published work demonstrates but a portion of the heart and soul of her writing which can also be found on Medium.

jns continues to graciously pour her heart into various forms of expression in hopes of inspiring others…


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