Canada’s 150th: Celebration or Requiem?

January 12, 2017 OPINION/NEWS




Dave Patterson


Canada turns 150 in 2017, and there is great celebration being planned. A great requiem for something that once aspired to be great but has tragically fallen to the dark side might be more appropriate…


In our name


How about for Canada’s 150th we finally wake up to the increasingly difficult to conceal evil that is taking over our country and world, with something like our belated Howard Beale moment.

We’re mad as hell at what has been happening to our country and world, and we are by god NOT going to take it anymore – this stops now!! – or something along those lines.

I really find it hard to understand why Canadians, some of the better educated and advanced people in the world since the great paradigm power shift and advances in social democracy in the western world following WWII, aren’t utterly outraged at what has been going on in our world and country the last 30 years or so, since Mulroney was installed as ‘our’ PM in the service of the NWO New Feudalists.

We are allowing great evil to be done in our country, and all over the world, with hardly a whisper of protest. It’s not only that we could be doing so very, very much better for virtually everyone here in Canada and all over the world, but that we are passively sitting back playing childish games on our ‘smart phones’ and getting all worked up over utterly trivial ‘political correctness’ ‘transgressions’ while Sauron’s grip on our country and world consolidates more every day with horrific violence done against millions of innocent people in our name.


‘In our name’- that’s the part that really bothers me.




I really don’t understand why we as a country, as a population of ‘civilized’ people, aren’t absolutely outraged at the things that are being done, and doing whatever needs to be done to get back on the path to a better world that our forebears started on following WWII, that has, for the last 30 years, been a path to darkness. I simply cannot understand how Canadians more or less en masse can get completely outraged and hysterical at **allegations** that Trump said some derogatory comments about women 30 years ago in a locker room, yet the **fact** that the US has been wantonly destroying the infrastructure of ancient civilizations and bombing millions of innocent women and children all across the eastern Mediterranean for the last 30 years – mostly with the support, and often the active participation of ‘our’ government – raises not a whisper of protest in these same people. Like children in a playground with their petty criticisms of other children completely uncaring about what is going on in the ‘real’ world around them.

It’s not a behaviour pattern that can continue long – the real world is rapidly catching up, and it seems pretty clear the consequences of this passiveness towards what is going on out there are going to be pretty non-trivial. The koolaid hangover is going to be a real bitch, if some waking up does not happen very soon.

Here’s just the ‘big’ stuff you really, really should be completely outraged about, as intelligent, engaged Canadians wanting a better world for our children, and the children of all human beings around the world, rather than passively playing on your shiny new iphones while utterly terrible things are being done to human beings in other parts of the world, with the full sanction of ‘our’ government and media, and thus with your permission, insofar as this is supposed to be a ‘democracy’ and these things are being done in (y)our name:


1). We support one of the greatest terrorist organisations the world has ever known, responsible for the deaths of millions of people the last 25 years, a satanic force which has coldly, knowingly, and brutally bombed and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians from Yugoslavia through Iraq and Libya and Syria to Afghanistan, made many millions homeless, engaged in the utterly barbaric destruction of entire countries and priceless, replaceless ancient historical infrastructure, and turned an entire region of the world into a chaotic hell for no other reason than looting and empire and the refusal of certain brave leaders to turn their countries into more American banana republics with American-supported dictators overseeing the looting and brutally keeping their populations suitably impoverished.

And all based on lies, lies told by the governments and propagated by the corporate press. Lies which you *might* have had some small excuse for believing in the beginning (let’s say the ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Yugoslavia, where we were told the brutal monster Milosovic was wantonly massacring tens and maybe even hundreds of thousands of his own people for little more than blood sport, and burying them in mass graves, OMG!!!!!’ you people aren’t going to let him get away with that are you??!!?? etc), but after the truth came out about things like those ‘mass graves’ in Yugoslavia (‘well, ummm, actually, um, you know, there ummm weren’t any hehheh…’), Kuwaiti babies being brutally torn from their incubators right in the hospitals!!! by evil Iraqi soldiers sobsob (actually, a complete PR lie), WMD in Iraq (ummm, yea, actually, another lie.. to get you to accept the ‘coalition of the willing’ going in and bomb bomb bomb…), etc, etc, etc – well, after all of those intentional lies being exposed, you really have no excuse at all for continuing to allow these atrocities to continue in your name when they say they have another monster killing his people we have to do a humanitarian intervention!!! – you know, Libya a few years ago, then Syria, where they (the US and whoever they could get to join them (get mirror)) have murdered tens of thousands of very innocent civilians, all in the name of regime change of a leader who dared stand up to the US.

And the months and years long bombings and destruction of once peaceful and beautiful cities and thousands or tens of thousands of innocent civilians helpless against the lies and terror of American chaos and support of people in the US, UK, Canada and elsewhere who have shown no resistance at all to the brainwashing and propaganda justifying such terror. Just imagine Ottawa or Halifax being bombed mercilessly like Aleppo or Baghdad or many other cities over the last 20 years- imagine how you’d feel if your beautiful city was being turned into a war zone, and helplessly watching while average citizens in other countries basically couldn’t care less about such destruction. Imagine that is you – you playing on your iphone while innocent women and children are bombed and had their cities and countries destroyed around them on the basis of lies and US-created terror. Imagine standing up to civilized people visiting from the future or somewhere and asking **you** – where were you, Mr/Ms Canadian citizen, while the US was doing all of this terror? You were supporting your government as it supported the US terror???? You couldn’t spare a bit of concern for the women and children and everyone else facing months and years of terror from your own government? Really? And you call yourselves ‘human’ beings? Civilized? Caring? Really????

The massive murders and outrageous crimes against the people of those countries, by **us** here in Canada as willing accomplices, are simply not deniable any more, to any one able to do a bit of basic independent research into the claims of the US propagandists and their sycophants and enablers such as the Cdn media, and the **fact** that they have murdered hundreds of thousands and created millions of dispossessed and displaced refugees. As they say – people of Canada, you own these things now, these massive crimes against humanity your government has been participating in for the last 30 years, by your refusal to stand tall and stop them when you could. And I cannot understand the continual refusal to acknowledge these things, it’s to the point of a fairly serious psychosis, this kind of denial of terrible things one has done that one refuses to deal with and try to improve – and even more tragically, allowing the barbaric slaughter to continue by such refusal.




Remember how we all like to look with disdain at the people of Germany in the 1930s, and from our high safe seats scornfully say that if the German people just had the strength or courage to stand up to Hitler, he could have been stopped? Sure you do – and so it is today – People of Canada – You are at least part owners of this massive, brutal terrorism of the last 30 years inflicted on millions of people all around the eastern Mediterranean and eastward – obviously the US has been the direct and major cause of most of the destruction and death, but the failure of the people of all we associated countries to stand tall and courageous in opposition while their governments and media support the US barbaric acts puts them fully in the ‘knowing accomplice’ dock of the courts of the future, our passive acceptance of the lies justifying these things, our refusal to question lies that very much needed and need not only questioning but challenging, is not the behavior of intelligent, engaged, civilized adults but passive proles believing anything their Ministry of Truth tells them to believe, no matter how outrageous the actions such lies justify, and then putting your heads down and scuttling into the shelter of your comforting hivemindphones when anyone like me dares ask what in the HELL you have been doing the last few years as Sauron comes out from Mordor and starts destroying your world – no brave hobbits here challenging evil, me lads, in Canada-shire, oh no oh no, just close the door and pull the curtains and turn on the latest CBC cartoon pretend-reality soma show and call me when it’s over.

Your children, should they manage somehow to survive this great evil spreading across our land and world and once again make Canada a great and free democracy as our forebears fought and sacrificed for, are going to be looking back in anger and disgust and maybe a sad sort of pity at you and your childish denials of reality and your turning away from the challenges your fathers and mothers handed you and allowing the evil to take over, and asking, where the hell were you when your governments were joining that US monster in terror bombing people all over the world? Where were you, Canada? Where were your brains and courage when your leaders were telling you such obvious, brazen lies to justify horrific barbaric attacks on your fellow human beings?

You want to put some of these truths about your great accomplishments in your wonderful 150th birthday book?

You had a choice. You have a choice now – allow this barbarism to continue and face the WTF???!!!??? condemnation and scorn and anger of your children and grandchildren, or stand tall and stop it, and at least try to make the next 20 years somewhat more celebratory-worthy than the last 20. There’s a lot of atonement to be done before any true celebration can be justified. And the sooner the atoning starts, the sooner the real celebrations can start.

And there’s more. The barbarism against other human beings is maybe the biggest thing you should very much NOT be celebrating this year, but it is far from the only thing you need to clean up and not celebrate, if you want Canada to have a joyous 150th birthday rather than one on its knees paying homage to Sauron and his orc troops.


2). You’ve been some of the biggest marks in the world the last 30+ years – not actually ‘hold your head high!!’ stuff …

I suspect if anyone you trusted played you for a sucker and robbed you of a considerable amount of money, you’d be unhappy about it – and yet **your** governments, federal and provincial, in cahoots with some of the biggest bad guys in the world, the international banking cartel, have enacted a massive and brazen scam and robbed you of somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple of **trillion** dollars over the last 30-odd years, while at the same time brazenly crying crocodile tears about having to degrade and destroy our once-almost-great democracy with cutbacks and selling off government infrastructure to megacorporations (and at firesale prices at that) – again, all based on lies, very egregious lies, but very simple lies very open to exposure by the application of a bit of engaged, intelligent examination and critical thinking rather than passively believing whatever utter nonsense your leaders feed you through their equally lying and complicit propaganda corporate press – but again, with nary a whisper of protest from the Cdn public at large, although many of us have been trying to tell you about this massive fraud for quite a few years now.

Allowing this massive fraud and scam to continue like the most gullible of unintelligent, unconcerned children is not much of a thing to celebrate. (For those ready to challenge their indoctrination to try and stop our current descent into Mordor, this is explained, along with much else you need to start understanding, here – Democratic Revolution Handbook).




3). They’re destroying our planet, the oceans and forests and air we all need to live, that keep our planet breathing and functioning healthily.

This is not debatable, it’s just a fact, and yet you all play on facebook and twitter about utter trivialities with utterly minimal attention to things of fundamental importance to our lives, and, again, like passive, uncaring ignorant children, do not stand tall and determined like adults looking after your home and demand an end to this destruction which, again, is utterly unnecessary, and only continues to feed a psychotic capitalist greed-monster.

And no, I’m not talking about ‘climate change’, I’ll get to that next, but the rampant, needless destruction of our great forests that have so many important functions to keep our planet healthy, and the eradication of the great biomass that once thrived in our oceans, again a necessary part of the healthy functioning of the great ‘chain of life’ that keeps all life on earth healthy and sustainable – we have almost destroyed these utterly necessary systems, for no other reason than shallow, short-sighted human greed and stupidity, and once again enabled by the passivity of people supposedly in democracies like Canada refusing to stand tall and force their governments to act *for* the people and a peaceful, decent sustainable country and world rather than in the interests of the big profit-seeking megacorps and fuck everyone and everything else in their race to armageddon.

Nature is very strong and resilient and prolific, and it is probable that it could recover if we just backed off a bit from our endless attacks on it – but there seems to be no end in sight to the destruction, and the few voices trying to protest such things are marginalised as various kinds of ‘cranks’ or ‘radicals’ on the internet, while the ‘good children’ get incensed on their ‘social media’ about Trump allegedly using bad language in a locker room 30 years ago or some Prof in Canada refusing to bow with sufficient enthusiasm to their childish PC demands with nary a whisper of concern for the Amazon being destroyed or the ocean biomass disappearing, showing their complete and utter disconnect from modern reality.

Living Planet Index 2016 – “The main statistic from the report is the global LPI which shows a 58% decline between 1970 and 2012. This means that, on average, animal populations are roughly half the size they were in 42 years ago.” whaddya think – is that a bit more important than Trump **allegedly** using bad language in the locker room some decades ago? Do you want to do a quick survey and see how much twitter traffic the two things attracted the last few months, and have a think? (or is denial a great deal easier…?).

Deforestation – facts, causes, effects.




4). I said I’d get to ‘climate change’, so here it is.

You’re not going to like this, but you probably haven’t liked much of the rest. But you need to hear this as part of your ‘wake up 2017’ call.


Why ‘human-caused’ climate change is very probably another massive fraud

I’ve left this for last because you need to have it in your mind that, as any honest reflection of the things I refer to earlier will make it clear for those ready to get themselves out from under the thumb of the modern corporate Ministry of Truth media and start fighting for a truly better country and world, for the last 30 years or so. Virtually everything of any importance in our country and world has been lied about, usually quite egregiously, by both our governments and the mainstream media, the corporate propaganda press, very much including those Canadian stalwarts the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, CBC and National Post and all related ‘mainstream’ media, and that is the first filter the claims that climate change is happening, it’s very urgent and there’s nothing more important for all you engaged, intelligent citizens to be spending your time ‘fighting’, needs to go through (you could start by examining your instant kneejerk denial and/or outrage at that statement…).

It is very, very clear to the independent, engaged mind that if ‘they’ are telling us we ‘need’ to believe something (like all the lies leading to the US regime change operations, or the need to accept ‘austerity’, or the great danger we are all in from terrorism, and many other things), we better step back and take a serious, reflective look at it – there is a great deal of information now available through the internet that puts the lie very conclusively to all of these things to the mind able to independently consider such things. (Yes, that some ‘climate change’ is happening seems evident, but that it is human-caused, or means the end of life as we know it, are assertions far, far less clear..) (I’m not going into all the arguments here, I’m just issuing a wakeup call, if you’re going to take back your brains from under the thumb of the corporate propaganda-indoctrination media, you need to get out and do the reading yourself, and comparing what people not allowed on the CBC are saying with what the propagandists on the CBC are saying – one such very good place to start your research is from a Canadian called James Corbett and his Corbett Report, talking for a lot of years now about things the corporate media do NOT want their lovely Canadian innocent hobbits thinking about. Check out Corbett on ‘climate change’).

But there is a second argument about this human-caused climate change stuff that is actually even more compelling, for those able to actually do deeper second and third level independent analysis. Think about these people, the people running our world – if they want something, they get it. If they want to do something, they do it. No f***ing around. We peasants do NOT get in their way. If they want FTA/NAFTA or other ‘trade’ treaties, they do them; if they want to go bombing some other country, they do it, and give around their propaganda justifying it; if they want ‘austerity’ they implement the cutbacks, etc, with no concern what ‘we the people’think, and etc, etc.

So, very obviously, if those who rule us really thought climate change was important, and changes were needed in whatever – they wouldn’t ask us peasants about it, they’d just go ahead and do what they wanted to protect themselves, and turn their corporate press loose with massive propaganda to convince us to accept whatever it was they needed/wanted to do. And as recent history is our judge, we’d all go along with whatever they told us, like we do (most of us) with everything else they do, with utterly minimal protest from the ‘smart-phone’ addicted masses and their true interests, outrage at the latest trivial, blown-out-of-proportion, completely-harmless-to-the-rulers, PC ‘violation’. There are all kinds of things that could be done to greatly reduce human impact on global warming such as it is, I don’t need to get into details, anyone reading this could make a list or find them on the net – but, the point being, if they were really concerned about human-caused climate change as they pretend to be about ‘terrorism’ or ‘fighting the deficit/debt’, we wouldn’t be having endless pointless conferences all over the world talking about it, we’d, or they’d actually, be doing these things.

Butbutbut I hear – if climate change is not important, why are they making us all think it is??

Well, that’s not hard to figure, again, to anyone capable of analysis outside of the nonsense fed us by the corporate propaganda press and familiar with ‘realpolitik’ as explained by classical strategists such as Sun Tzu or Machiavelli or more recently Bernays and Lippmann – consider the things I write of above that very much need changing, the phony ‘war on terror’ causing such destruction and chaos to the entire world, the ‘debt scam’ robbing us blind and impoverishing not only ‘we the people’ but the democracy that makes (or ‘made’ past tense would be a bit more appropriate at this time, I guess) us strong together, or the suicidal environmental destruction (and these are just the more obvious, there are many, many other things I could write of, you probably have some ideas yourself about things that really need changing that ‘your’ government isn’t interested in) – well, with the internet out there making all kinds of information available now that was once very well ‘gatekeeped’ when the rulers controlled most flows of information, more and more people are starting to learn about these things, and big trouble could result for those who would be our kings were the population to get as incensed about, for example, the massive national debt fraud and related things as they are currently about climate change or the latest Trump ‘outrage’.

But of course the rulers know that simply telling those who wish to be involved in making a better country not to think about something is not a very strong defence against such ideas (although of course quite effective among the general more passive population), another plan was needed. And as every great war general has understood (and make no mistake, as the man said, this is very much a war they are conducting against us, even if they haven’t told us about it – another ‘big trick’ in the ‘winning generals’ book), if you can’t defeat someone if they attack you directly, but they’re all wound up and need somewhere to direct their energy – why, create a great straw dog diversion for them to go after, and let them spend their energy there.

And of course insofar as possible take an existing problem you can blow up all out of proportion for some ‘veritas’ – and Voila! – ‘human caused climate change is the biggest problem we have today!!!’ – and proceed to use your control of the still-widely-accepted corporate propaganda press for one of the greatest selling jobs ever. And not to be overly cynical, it’s just ‘truth’ to note that pretty much everyone and everything is for sale in modern capitalist society (if you’re one of the few not for sale, do you think you’ll get time on their mainstream shows haha??), and that for many of the more vocal and potentially dangerous people looking for adventure and ‘activist’ things to get involved in, it’s a pretty good gig in our capitalist realityland of no secure decent-paying jobs for most people to get government sponsorships to keep going to these meetings in exotic locales all over the world to keep pushing a certain message, which very much keeps them away from using their talents to talk about the things I write of above – the massive debt scam being the first and most important thing the rulers really need us all NOT to be getting informed about.


5). Look what they’ve done to my song ma.. – well, after the above, I better finish it with the biggest outrage of all – you should be really, really outraged at the way they have taken over most of your minds the last couple of decades, and I’m not talking about ‘the masses’, I’m talking about most of you who would be reading this (if you managed to push past your outraged denial and get this far) who would identify yourselves as ‘progressive’ of some sort.

The last few months have been months of almost despair for me, as I watched those who should be fighting for a better progressive country and world demonstrate how completely they are controlled by the corporate ‘mainstream’ and ‘pretend-alt’ media, as with no visible protest whatsoever they joined the corporate masters in their completely irrational, shoot yourself in the head ‘hate Trump’ hysteria.

Think about this, if you can – for decades, since 1988 and Mulroney’s FTA at least, we have been fighting the corporate takeover of our governments, their ‘trade treaties’, their endless wars abroad in support of the arms industry, their turning over of the economy to Wall St and the resulting chaos, etc, etc, etc, and for those years we have been looking around in vain for an actual challenge to this corporate juggernaut. And then from the very ranks of the US wealthy elite emerges a champion of ‘the little guy’, a man who says let’s try to make peace in the mideast rather than carry on with endless wars, let’s try to get along with Russia instead of lining up troops along their border and inciting them into WWIII, let’s talk about these ‘trade deals’ and see if we can make them work a bit better for average workers – along comes this champion, flawed to be sure (who isn’t?) but still very seriously opposed to the corporate elite junta that has been ruling our western English speaking world for the last 35 years or so, and obviously very, very hated by that corporate junta as he promises to ‘clean the swamp’ of these very nasty creatures – and this corporate junta we have supposedly been fighting ourselves for the last 30-odd years starts screaming at *us* with all the power of their corporate propaganda-indoctrination media to stop this challenger to their power, to hate this challenger to their power – and what do we do???? Like completely mindless drones, we disengage our brains, and jump on their bandwagon screaming hysterically and mindlessly hatehatehate!!!!! Like teenage girls having a hatefest in their little princess bedroom, everything that Trump does we criticize and deride, he can do no good, we must hatehatehate!!!!

Utterly awesome, the degree to which you folks showed your complete control by our masters this last year with the Trump hysteria. And scary as hell. Our greatest hope, ‘we the progressives’, has, like Theoden King, had their minds totally taken over by the indoctrination and lies of the enemy. What chance can we now have, with no Gandalf around to throw Wormtongue from your minds? You are on your own, little hobbits – you find the strength and courage to take your minds back yourselves, or there will be no stopping the Dark Side.



So my dream, my wish


How about a 150th birthday year in which we throw off the Wormtongue-induced mindless passivity to the evil taking over our world, a 150th birthday year in which we take back our minds and our country, and become a shining example, a standing-tall-and-strong force for good in the world our ancestors aspired to be, our ancestors who created the great thing called Canada, an almost-great-democracy in the 1960s, which we are now allowing to become an evil sycophant of one of the greatest evil empires our world has ever known?

Yea, it’s a lot to ask. But as the wiseguy said a long time ago – from those to whom much is given, much is expected. And we in Canada were given a lot, by our forebears during the first 100 years of our existence as a country from 1867-1967, as they fought back determinedly against the capitalist robber barons who aspired to rule us as a passive pretend-democracy to their oligarchy, who created a truly almost-great democracy, and left it to their children to take to another level of greatness, after they’d done the serious heavy lifting.

And what have you all done, you baby boomers and X generationers, and millennials and anyone else born since 1960 or so? You grew fat and lazy and stupid in the almost-great country your parents and grandparents fought and sacrificed to give you, and now as Canada approaches her 150th birthday, just about pissed away completely what could have been one of the world’s great democracies, and allowed yourselves to be turned into a passive tool of Sauron as he sends his orcs around the world bombing and destroying and spreading chaos and misery.

C’mon Canada. Time to make ‘the true north strong and free’ a reality rather than a slogan. Our forebears bequeathed us a great country, a great potential to be a strong and inspirational force for good in the world – and rather than living up to those expectations, rather than standing tall and strong as the barbarians hammer at our gates, you are meekly surrendering one of the potentially great countries of the world to one of the greatest evils the world has ever known. Your fathers and grandfathers would be as unhappy with you as your children will be.


Final irony – one of Canada’s greatest Prime Ministers was at the head of our country through our most happy and optimistic days in the later 1960s and 70s, a man still viscerally hated by the forces of elite rule who have done all they could to blacken his name and stamp out the very idea of democracy he was such a strong supporter of in the country the last 30 years – it must be a bit of deeply ironic satisfaction to them that that man’s own son has been installed as the puppet head of this country to oversee what may well be the final push to take us finally fully over to the dark side, little orc brains hating and killing whoever Sauron points them at.

C’mon Canada. Fight back. Get mad, get really, really, really fucking mad and stop this insanity, this terror you are supporting, this terrible journey to the dark side they are leading you to. Your ancestors did it 100 years ago, and 80, and 50 – can we do less, and hold our heads up with honest pride for our country as we celebrate our 150th birthday year?






Dave Patterson

Dave finds it more or less impossible to do ‘short’ anything, a recent shortish bio available here –


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