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Anca Mihaela Bruma



Anca Mihaela Bruma



Tainan – The City of the Rising Phoenix



Between the Sun

and the eye of an eagle,

where the eternal Beauty

returns by the flow of time,

there is Tainan,

the city of the rising Phoenix

With its kaleidoscopic tableaux

and reflections of our Existence!


Bamboo leaves have been still whispering

the history of its transparent names,

with Lunyu sayings chiseled

in alabaster temples

about the crossing of the infinities

and the nothingness in the endless…


Between Confucian dreams

and butterfly purple orchids,

with every pastel sentiment

and sands of Time,

temporal echoes

and wise silences,

a story has been narrated

about the city of Tainan,

the Ascending Phoenix

with its infinite tails

and boundless fantasies.



It shines in parallaxes!


Where the rhythm of the soul

rises in feathered images,

with kaleidoscopic tableaux

and reflections of our Existence!








Dorina Costras



The Fervor Of Ecstasy



Still longing for the song of your steps

I should have been embracing you

again and again and again

100 000 lives…..


Bathing in a luxurious silence

finding solace between piano pauses,

gathering the essence of a little kiss

and chants of an ineffable beauty

tasting the nectar of your sublimity,

plunged and immersed,

again and again and again….


In this intense subtlety of the beyond

vertigo of verses graces your majesty

and find multiple infinite ways

to LOVE you…


Again and again and again…


An elixir solely for pure hearts!


My inner ambrosia

experiences the balance of your harmony,

the Secret of all secrets,

collapsing within your cosmic gracefulness,

my inner ME…

immersed in YOU!


You spread your divine names

in acrylic letters and intimate dimensions

all your billion cells are as open doors

for my ceaseless adoration….


My truest freedom awaits for me

inside your ecstatic kisses!











Anca Mihaela Bruma

My name is Anca Mihaela Bruma, I am Romanian living in Dubai/UAE. My love for poetry started when I was just 9 years old, when I registered myself to some creative poetry writing group. It was a turning point for me as I started to discover the mysteries of the written word and its impact on the readers. I was just 6 years old when I registered myself at a public library, being fascinated by the readings. The passion for reading, composing and reciting the written words was extended to choosing the first degree, a BA in English and Romanian Philology. While a teenager, I was published in various journals of poetry.

Since an early age, I have always viewed writing poetry as the perfect medium which is able to depict profound unfathomable complexities of someone’s life or life itself, to render into words that which is unsayable, that ineffable, which can be truly deeper than the language itself. Through my writings, as well years of readings, I always looked to seek something beyond that which was apparent to others! I was fascinated to see how different aspects of truth were transfigured by different emotions, how experiences were poetized. I pursued seeing beauty expressed in all forms of art, not just poetry; creating a “thirst” within me to explore more and more for the knowledge of the mystery beneath and beyond it, as a symbol of something greater and higher with its own power to immortalize the expressions over the years.


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