Inquest into the Tunisian Beach Terrorist Shootings

March 1, 2017 OPINION/NEWS

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Hazel Speed

One cannot grasp the magnitude of such a terrible event unfolding in front of one’s eyes, within seconds, and whilst relaxing on holiday lounging on a beach. No wonder survivors are still suffering from post traumatic stress.

The individual stories in this link relating to Inquest evidence are not only sad to read but extremely hard to imagine oneself being placed in such dire circumstances, allowing split seconds to think what one should do, whether to run, hide or play dead hoping the gunman nearby will ignore you and go away from that particular area allowing for your escape.

I should think having gone through such an experience it would feel almost unreal or even surreal, yet the horror of the after effects are all too real. The loss of relatives and friends, fellow holiday-makers, and nearby strangers all caught up in the time of such terror.

They say that it feels as if time stands still during events like these and the comment has been made that local Police were lax in reacting to events as they unfolded. Everyone was looking for some official force to rush to help but it seemed to take an inordinate length of time before that happened apparently.

The ramifications and potential liabilities will be ongoing, as will the mental anguish of all who were there, witnessed events and survived, but sadly also for some, witnessed the loss of life and especially also the loss of loved ones, being helpless to counter the evil force in front of them all.

We live in the age of the terrorist and must be on our guard wherever we are at any time, keeping a keen eye on the mood of the moment and thinking ahead should events like this be repeated on our local streets, trains, or shopping centres.

If possible, we should think what might be the best thing to do if we should suddenly see someone emerge in a threatening manner. We cannot afford fear to hinder our living as otherwise the terrorists will win, rather we must remain alert and mindful.

None of us can anticipate our reactions in any emergency but we can remember safe areas of the venues we visit.

We have been formally notified that the UK is a target area for terrorist attacks, and as we know, one can be anywhere in the world, at any venue, day or night, and be at risk from a terrorist attack; all we can do is be prepared as far as possible.

It truly is a sad world, especially so for those whose stories are now being related within the current Inquest.










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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