March 1, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Susan Bellfield






Lean forward and manipulate

the pool. Petri dish the microcosm

to reign selective resistance, change

the genetic tipping point. A world

of delicate disasters.


The fields are tainted, muddied

with patents. Examine the prevailing

westerlies for a trace

of Armani. Absent an iron clad

contract, suits will ensue.


Pastoral pillars with roots. Ears

as broad as a grown man’s thigh, kernels

like braced teeth. Don’t mind

the contaminants—the niblets

are vermin free.


Butter up the cob and fatten

the calf, pen a letter when the cost

becomes too dear. Research indicates

Mother Nature is an obsolete bitch.








The Border



Dust in our hair. Dust

on our tongues. The heat rode

our backs—stung our eyes

like a fever worried

into the hardscrabble.

A promise built with barbed wire—

no oasis this master-planned

sea of monotony.


Someone’s bleached vision

of paradise in the rearview.


We hang a left from the right lane, yield

midnight cowboys the right

of way. Leap off the overpass

and crack our heads

to the white meat. Lock up

the cat when coyotes sing—

brown is a disease

erupting in handcuffs.


We came thirsty. Swallowed

a dream of endless suns.













Susan Bellfield

Susan Bellfield is a graduate student in creative writing, a dog person, and a DIY enthusiast. Her poetry has appeared in Sorrows Words, various places on the internet, and on her website www.susanbellfield.wordpress.com.


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