Nicola Sturgeon, don’t bite the hand that battles for you

April 3, 2017 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , UK

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Hazel Speed

The Scots are, rightly so, a proud Nation, but currently they are still a ‘Constituent’ Country within the United Kingdom.

Following the recent visit by Mrs May, it was subsequently ludicrous to see how Nicola Sturgeon put a spin on the fact that ‘they agreed’ now was not the time for yet another Independence Referendum and that when the facts of Brexit were known between next Autumn and the following Spring, would be the time the people of Scotland would have an idea of their future.

The reader can deduce the latter part of the above sentence was penned by Nicola Sturgeon as the fact is, Mrs May has indicated that ‘post Brexit’ conclusion, and once one can see how things are emerging and working thereafter, (perhaps a year or two), then that would be the optimum time should the people of Scotland indicate their wish for another Independence Referendum.

I must doff the hat, as it were, to Andrew Neil today in that he spotted that photograph of the official letter being written by Nicola Sturgeon to Mrs May, requesting formal permission for another Scottish Referendum, and noting that it was almost a replication of a photograph taken of Mrs. Thatcher relaxing on a settee with a red dispatch box of official papers nearby.

Nicola Sturgeon contradicts herself, almost in the same sentence:


  1. Now is not the time to bother the Prime Minister with our application (the day Article 50 was triggered) as she will be so busy.

Note: In fact, she was, Mrs May was busy appeasing the barrage of abuse in Parliament which emerged from the SNPs.

  1. Considering Mrs May has already told Nicola Sturgeon countless times, privately, officially, and within the public realm, that ‘Now is not the time, and the people of the United Kingdom should come together …… she will strive to achieve a good deal for all the United Kingdom in her negotiations regarding Brexit, including the people of Scotland’; and that in Nicola Sturgeon’s own words ‘we agreed the best time is when the outcome of the talks are known etc…’ (though I have qualified the air brushing thereof by Nicolas Sturgeon therein), then why was there need to (a) write any letter ‘Now’, and (b), despite a handwritten note, it was emailed.



Where is the Statesman/Stateswoman in all this?

Word has it, that even many Scots who once would have supported Nicola Sturgeon, are embarrassed by her now, and one wonders if, post Brexit ‘done and dusted’ extrication of the UK from Europe, if Mrs. May achieves a fantastic deal for them, and the rest of the UK, if they would even want to have Independence, but if a vote was taken, the turn out may be poor, or very high against Nicola Sturgeon. Her ego negates her thoughts on that I am sure, which is why it is now or never for her – oh yes, and always ‘Scottish Referendum’ ad infinitum, etc!

She is so worried that the people have a choice and say in their future, and pesters Mrs. May constantly about this, yet she has not yet once outlined her own proposals for an Independent Scotland:

Which currency they would utilise, as they are not having the English Pound.

Hard Borders – her plans for that, as there would have to be one – in fact the English may go out and build it themselves brick by brick going by the present mood in the English streets.

Loss of jobs when the submarine bases and ship-building leaves.

Accessibility and rights of descendants who have one parent or another who are Scottish but their offspring live in other parts of the UK and/or worldwide.

What of their votes re Independence?

What military will protect Scotland or will she want something English at that time?

Will Scotland then be a Commonwealth Country and what ‘red tape’ and permission does that invoke, will permission be granted (now there’s a thought in itself)?

Who will be the head of their Country, or will it always be Nicola Sturgeon in various poses – statues scattered here and there, on this street or that, as the present relationship with the Royal Family would be on a Commonwealth Footing.

Westminster may not pass on fisheries and agriculture post Brexit if Nicola Sturgeon is just going to hand it back to Europe to become a member, that is if they want her, and official statements, especially from Spain infer they do not want Scotland.

What about a Scottish Passport? If the UK reverts to the former Passport all that is required would be for the Scottish Lion to be removed, but like the English Pound, that is an English Passport.

In the event of an invasion of Scotland who would be their allies?

The urgency, Nicola Sturgeon stated, in finding out terms from the EU before the ink has dried on any final Brexit deal, that it is supposed to be that the Scottish people have a chance then to vote to stay in Europe, but the United Kingdom as a whole signed up to the EU and the whole of the United Kingdom will be leaving, so what did/does Nicolas Sturgeon hope to gain as they cannot stay on regardless of what Nicola Sturgeon wishes and if Scotland wants to leave anyway, then why should Mrs. Sturgeon care about any views of a Constituent Country who wants to cleave to Europe?

When is she going to give the descendants of Scottish parentage the same vote on the issue of Scottish Referendum as she will no doubt be giving all the migrants she is so keen to attract to Scotland, and/or who have already been resident in Scotland? They have not been asked so far, so much for Scottish democracy Nicola Sturgeon keeps blethering on about.

Independence achieved by this method, at this time, is political suicide, and it will divide the people.

If Nicola Sturgeon truly wants to give the Scottish people a vote (or not) on their future and choose Independence or otherwise, wait until the UK as a whole has a year or two post Brexit to find its collective feet, then all of Scotland, including their present First Minister, will be fully aware of what they are choosing and by then Nicola Sturgeon may or may not be in power, or perhaps can answer some of the questions herein above. Then again, maybe the fact she could not be in power is what is creating such a sense of urgency.

Sitting on a settee, with falsely achieved look of casual ease, fools no one, except perhaps Nicola Sturgeon herself, such is her ego, to be the one to achieve Independence for Scotland. That would look fine in the history books.

I wonder what Winston Churchill would have said about this lack of loyalty to our Great Britain.

Do not forget either, Nicola Sturgeon, that the hand you are currently biting (Mrs. May), is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (which presently includes Scotland), and she is going into political battle for us all.

One may justifiably ask, why should she bother if this is your attitude!










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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