Trump puts Mexican Wall on hold – for now

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Hazel Speed

Apparently, there has been no shortage of contractors submitting their interest and/or presentations/proposals to build President Trump’s Mexican Wall.

However, the whole issue has been put on hold as the current American budget does not include any initial deposit to start this project, and if The President pushed the matter, it is thought that Washington would come to a stand-still round about the very day he is to reach the hundredth day in Office – this weekend.

Even apart from the above factors, President Trump insists it will be done and paid for by the Mexicans themselves.

Meanwhile, it is said that Mexican land owners have received formal notices that a good strip of their property will be seized for provision of the build through that area.

One person who has submitted a proposal is of Latino heritage and he has received death threats on his voice mail. His reasoning was that if the wall has to be built, then it is best if it were done properly. Hmmmm!

The practicalities involved relate to whether the wall should be solid brick, or if reliance on modern technology and security personnel monitoring the border is preferred, despite the fact that the latter does not seem to be working presently.

Once the wall is built, a modern day Joshua could blow a horn, shout ‘Glory’, along with use of more earthly efficacy, and the wall could tumble down, as the Bible story related.

Will there be guard towers though and, even with a brick wall, there will inevitably still be a need for technology as well. Not to mention, it will hardly provide good relationships with the people of Mexico.

One excellent comment I heard today, if the wall ends up being 20 feet in height (as an example), then someone will merely build a ladder that is 21 feet in height. Quite.

As an irony, there is a paradoxical stance at present regarding President Trump and another Country ensuring they keep him out – North Korea.

Walls are funny things – the historic Great Wall of China, the wall between East and West Germany once over, and then there are walls between people of course, aren’t there?









Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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