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Hazel Speed

Yesterday a group of younger non-voters were interviewed due to the fact that most had either never voted, nor had any plans to vote this year or ever.

All contributors were impressively fluent for their respective ages, and the consensus appeared to be that they had no control on what politicians decided to do or not do, and the subsequent consequences on their own lives thereafter.

Apart from local elections, they really could not achieve anything at any other time in broad stroke terms. Listeners texted into the programme expressing their disapproval and/or disgust at such stances. I wish Mr Corbyn had been a participant as it would have made for an even more intriguing conversation.

It is true that, apart from election time, politicians do not bother promoting their cause directly with the public in the same way they do at election time. One can make an appointment to speak with a local MP, and in theory, if they are in Parliament, it is incumbent on them to see a member of their constituency at that venue on spec. Though I doubt they would.

Today, thankfully, Mrs May made her views known in no uncertain terms that some officials, and others in Europe were deliberately hoping that Brexit would be tough and that the talks would not succeed. They were hoping to influence the outcome of the General Election.

Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron calls this General Election Mrs May’s Coronation as she will definitely win the election – which causes one to wonder why Mr Farron joined in the outcry demanding a General Election in the first place. Sometimes one can be forgiven for thinking he protesteth too much. At least that way, it is ‘he’ who is making the verbal attack, rather than having to defend his own comments, or non-comments on other issues.

Nicola Sturgeon likewise, now accuses Mrs May of acting purely for her own political Party purposes, this from The First Minister of Scotland who wants her name in the history books for being the person who gave Scotland its Independence. The sad irony is that Scotland did suffer (as did most people) through the times of Mrs Thatcher, yet now the Scots seem to have found an equivalent – their own home grown version.

Mr Corbyn, of course, accuses Mrs May of playing party games over Brexit. Not sure if he realises that comment was a pun? Poor Mrs May, enemies in front of her and behind her yet she is, apparently, the most popular ‘leader’ since the 1970s and at the end of the day, it is what the people vote for that counts. Well at least it used to be when democracy was the key value in Britain regarding any political election.

What everyone is overlooking, remains the most important issue of all, in that every person has one vote (whether it is used or not), and regardless of what Mr Farron or Nicola Sturgeon and others think about Mrs May, she cannot, nor would, force millions of people to vote against their will. Rather, criticisms are just preliminary comments from people who are getting ready to accept the inevitable, yet again, in that they will be out-voted.

Mrs May is being blamed for the hard line by Europe shown against Britain, yet note what was said by their representative today, in that so much time has already gone by with delays – and many in the UK would say that is not The Prime Minister’s fault but all the reluctant Remoaners who have tried every trick in the book to overturn democracy, and now they are reaping what they have sown, which will make it that much easier now if Britain leaves Europe with no deal at all. An own goal for those responsible who have achieved more on behalf of UKIP, by default, than UKIP could have dreamed of themselves.

Tim Farron amused in that he says Leavers did not vote for one thing or another – does he know them all personally? As far as Nicola Sturgeon is concerned, she betrays her own corner also, as doesn’t she want to leave the rest of the UK? So in which case, why should Mrs May appease her demands and whinings? Nicola Sturgeon accused Mrs May of poisoning the possibility of good relations with Europe and ongoing debates, yet isn’t that what she is doing with Mrs May and the rest of us in the UK?

I met a Scottish woman on a bus in South London the other day and she said that her and her friends worry when Nicola Sturgeon speaks on Scottish issues, as they hope people throughout the rest of the UK realise that Nicola Sturgeon does not speak for the whole of Scotland! Indeed.










Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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