We are by far the greater threat

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Don Krieger


China urges all sides in North Korea standoff to ‘stop irritating’ one another


The headline says almost everything. The Chinese are surely the primary target of our naval build-up in their neighborhood. They want the North Koreans to “shut up” to eliminate the media driven justification for the build-up. They want the US to back off since our unpredictable president is bullying them with the threat of a pre-emptive attack on North Korea.

The worst of it is that the fear of North Korea’s long range nuclear strike capability is based only on a photograph of Kim Jong-un standing next to a mock-up of a miniature nuclear warhead. There are thousands of kids capable of building that mock up as an 8th grade science project. Yet the media reports include tacit acceptance of the extraordinary dangers posed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

We, the US, certainly do have the capabilities everyone fears. And there is no check on the ability of our ignorant and capricious President to release those weapons. We are the nation which is creating an unnecessary and dangerous crisis in response to the yapping of “the mouse that roared,” North Korea. We are by far the greater threat.









Don Krieger

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