Brexit: Is it time for the British Lion to roar?

July 13, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Michel Barnier has retorted to Boris Johnson’s comment that the ‘EU can whistle for their money’ regarding any Brexit divorce monies claimed against the UK, by saying he can only hear a clock ticking, but no whistling. Many might say, therefore, he has his answer, as the UK have clocks too.

What has angered some is the fact that at the outset of this whole Brexit saga, was the statement that the UK should not consult other EU countries searching for support of the stance of Britain, as all 27 EU countries spoke as one, and only through him!

Why this is particularly annoying is the fact that Mr Barnier has already visited Ireland, and made a speech in their Parliament (and Ireland is in the EU, except for the North which is part of the UK). Within his speech was a moment of potential sheep-stealing directed at those in Northern Ireland, that if they joined the rest of Ireland and became one country, then they would also, immediately be welcomed as Citizens of the EU, with all rights therein.

As if that is not a total lack of diplomacy (and manners), Mr Barnier is now going to meet and consult with First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, also Carwyn Jones of Wales, then will speak with Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Leader, despite acknowledging that only Mrs May, as Prime Minister, can negotiate with him.

Etiquette is non-existent, and he already knows the whole of the UK will be leaving the EU.

His ‘stipulation’ that an EU preliminary list of requirements must be met before all else (and he will be lucky to get any of them), is in itself adversarily presented.

His pipe-dream that the ECJ (European Court of Justice) will have supremacy over British Laws after the Great Repeal Bill transfers laws back under UK jurisdiction, is for most people ludicrous and negates the meaning of Leave.

As for the three million EU Citizens residing in the UK, Mr Barnier is looking for a guarantee that their rights will extend to generations never ending. Considering Immigration was a core factor during the Brexit Referendum his endeavours are most inept to say the least.

David Davis, UK Minister for Exiting Europe, realises if the UK concedes on any of Mr Barnier’s ‘demands’, there will be such an outcry by those who voted Leave in the Brexit Referendum, along with overwhelming demands for Britain to just leave the EU immediately; the British Lion is getting ready to roar!




Hazel Speed

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