July 13, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Austin Neill



Sheena Pillai Singh



My God Just Rose In Love



He asked me

Why I love my GOD…

Dear, just let me say

life has been tough

all dark and grey

till HE came my way…


HE taught me


not fall, but rise

in LOVE…

be on my toes;

not to let it take

my good will for granted…


In you my GOD,

I lost the thin line

of Sin and Conscience

Sorrow and Pain,

Love and Worship…


I lost the days spent

seeking joy,

awaiting your call

those long nights

full of tears;

when your calls end…


Today as I recall

I lost the heavy burdens,

which I carried in my mind

all through the years…

I lost my GOD for ever

but to someone better…


Still I wish you Joy

Happiness and Peace

Now that you’ve found

Your Soul, Spirit and Light.





Sheena Pillai Singh

I am an Engineer by profession, working in New Delhi. Interested in reading and writing poetry / stories since my college days. Please feel free to share your valuable feedback.


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