Brexit: Diane James MEP hits the nail on the head

July 17, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


I enjoy listening to the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Broadcasting House’ on Sunday mornings.

A lot of contributors, whether in debate or guests invited onto the programme to review the papers, tend to speak more immediately with comments and in response to questions, so often some politicians tend to think after their comment (and wait until the media informs them thereafter if anything went wrong!).

Diane James has always impressed me as she is a straight-talker regardless of being on radio or television.

On the above radio programme yesterday, Diane James made a comment which has, up to now, not been addressed across general media networking platforms, though has been referenced briefly by others in passing but always by default therein, not specifically headlined.

It is not so much ‘the elephant in the room’, as a neglected fact.

Diane James was asked if Brexit would happen, and she said ‘No’, to stunned studio silence, then went on to clarify her remark. Great tactic to get everyone’s attention – after all she was, for a brief while, Leader of UKIP then left the Party, despite the fact many thought after the resignation/proposed retirement of Nigel Farage, Diane James would have made a great replacement. She had a good commanding, authoritative presence, without being too harsh.

This is what Diane James went on to clarify about her remark regarding Brexit.

She explained that so many sources are involving themselves in trying to overturn the Leave vote which won the Brexit Referendum, that all the average person hears is the propaganda, and it was time for the  ‘Leave means Leave’ campaign, and others, to become more vocal.

I wonder if the Broadcasting Authorities should indeed look into this as a fact – the presence of public coercion is indeed active, and a political imbalance exists and threatens democracy throughout the UK without challenge, and it is against that background Diane James is concerned the Remoaners will indeed see Brexit fail.

There are those who are saying, Mr Barnier can let his defined clock tick then we can leave by default.

I was struck (no clock pun intended), that he did not even bother to check the meaning of the term that a person, or group, ‘can go whistle’ (used by Boris Johnson), as Boris was using it via another form of euphemism, but Mr Barnier ‘raised’ in this poker game round, with reference to the ticking sound of a clock, thereby missing the whole point of ‘go whistle’ (a reference of another kind), and replacing it with an inaccurate comparison, one based on sound (so ‘a tell’ Mr Barnier had not done his homework on the expression), and his retort was a reference of an audible sound and which was also, even worse, a more ambiguously predictive or volatile one, in school yard fashion.

They really do not understand the mindset or culture of the Brit and never really have. That, in the end, will be their downfall, as it will in domestic terms with those who think they can smother the result and/or voices of those who voted to Leave in the Brexit Referendum.

Presently, they are keeping their powder dry, i.e. waiting for the right moment to react to the many voices who are trying to erode democratic rights regarding the results of the UK National Referendum Vote to leave Europe. In Britain, it is the whole National vote that is the result. That too should be remembered.



Mrs May’s Swiss Holiday: ‘The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Brexit’


The hills are alive

With the sound of Brexit

With rhetoric I have heard

For a thousand years;

The hills fill my ears

With the sound of Brexit

My heart wants to scream

Every time it hears


My heart wants to beat

Like the wings of PM

And avoid those PMQs


My heart wants to sigh

Like a PM that hides

Avoiding Jeremy, wouldn’t you?


To laugh at Nicola

When she trips and falls

Over Ruth on her way


To sing through the night

Angus Robertson has gone away


I go to the hills

But will be most careful

I don’t want to hear

What I heard before;

My heart will be blessed

Without any Elections

Until I’m PM once more!


If reprise portion of verse and chorus needed – or encore


The hills are alive

With the sounds of Brexit

Where I gather the knives

To supply my kitchen for years


Chorus section


Love the Papers and Bills

Where I trip and fall

Like the stones hurled on their way

To have sleepless nights

Like a Vicar’s daughter who knows how to pray






Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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