July 17, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Scott Szarapka



Fee Thomas





They say I’m a clock that knows no fixing
Perpetually stuck in the wrong hour
My left hand holding on to minutes
So long passed
Tick, tick, ticking away to seconds…
That count for nothing
Except for holes of disappointment in my own brain

They say, I’m a clock that doesn’t keep time
Unable to do what I was made for
Rearranging numbers
Mistaking them for words
I am a clock that doesn’t believe in time
Hanging on their wall




The Boy Who Never Grew


I went to sit at the edges of Lake Josephine today
My head was too full and aching
I needed something beautiful to medicate me
It was when the sky turned pink
That I realized my deepest slumber
And remembered

The boy that never grew
He who inhabited the palest skin
So much so that he almost glowed

Lost in poems and songs
That I had forgotten I had written
With your perfectly crooked smile
The INXS tee shirt that wore you
Flicking the back of my neck to pass me a note in math

How had I forgotten about you?
You were there, today, though
Along the edges of holy water
High in the pink sky
Dear boy that never grew, 
I won’t forget you again.




The Coverage of Night


Are waiting for the delightful apple blossoms to return
Oh, how we relish in their delicious scent
We pray for this endless night to cease
So that the sun will bring to pass
What it is we desire

Then it was she
That pointed out
Apple blossoms need the night to grow
As much as the sun
Soon. Soon.
The blossoms will appear







Fee Thomas

Fee Thomas is a poet and activist from North Minneapolis. She doesn’t call what she does writing, but instead, the loosening of her Spirit. Her favorite thing to do is to sit on the grass with her niece and play the guitar.


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