Brexit: Former ‘Retired and Unelected’ PM Blair Meddling Again

July 17, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK


Hazel Speed


Further to my earlier article, when former Prime Minister Blair mooted whether he should return to politics, his latest report as a potential deal maker twixt Britain and the EU will, and has already, outraged those who have heard it.

The democratic voters of Britain, in the Brexit Referendum, voted to Leave Europe and Leave we will be doing. It is called democracy.

When he was Prime Minister, I wonder how he would have taken to retired and unelected PMs and/or others doing what he keeps doing.

The irony is, nobody is letting Mrs May, the current legally ‘authorised’ Prime Minister, David Davis, Minister for Exiting Europe, get through their negotiations with Mr Barnier, before ‘the world and his wife’ in the UK, and elsewhere, give us the benefit of their arm chair wisdom. The Brexit ship has sailed as they say.

At this rate, each majority Leave voter constituencies throughout the UK should hire buses, go and visit Mr Barnier, and ask him to do what they democratically voted for with a majority in the Brexit Referendum, and tell him what they all think/want, then return to the UK and publish their story!

Mr Barnier has said he is confused as to the diversity of opinions in the UK, yet realises the deal can only be achieved (or walked away), by Mrs May and her team. He still stirs the UK discontented political pot however.

Both Conservative and Official Labour Party lines voted through Parliament the same Bill and the UK will be leaving the Single Market, Customs Union and ECJ (European Court of Justice), yet Labour now, (which might or otherwise, include their Leader), is threatening to request amendments to the (Great Reform Bill) as it is debated in Parliament, which ‘job lot’ transfers back to the UK all EU legislation over us since 1972 when the UK joined the then European Common Market, which has since morphed into the present EU and has declared military intentions for its own Army one day we are told. It also is morphing again towards a unique association with France as a primary ally. Ironic really.

When did Britons have a vote giving the EU all our rights in the first place?

Once all ECJ legislation is passed collectively into UK Law and under British Sovereignty again, then Parliament can take its time and prioritise within debate and/or Cabinet Executive decision on matters which require expedition, amendment, reform or acceptance to stay the same.

Other Political Parties are going to dissent, such as the Scots, the Welsh, and Liberal Democrats who say ‘it will be Hell’ – appropriate from Mr Farron who is stepping down as their Leader due to a clash of political stance of Party and personal Christian/Church beliefs. Given his choice of phrase perhaps he might be more suited to an ecclesiastical career.

For those who thwart this Great Repeal Bill being passed back into UK Law, they are being termed as unpatriotic and still overturning a winning democratic Brexit Referendum vote.

This could all be academic, in that Mr Barnier has set such a restrictive and demanding opening salvo regarding the Brexit negotiations with Mrs May, she might have no option but to walk away there and then if we cannot pass the front gate-keeper. Which itself could be an EU plan.

Retired, Former and Unauthorised PM Blair is hindering our cause, trying to be hailed as resolving Brexit negotiations (for reasons of history, some are saying, in order to restore former aspects of his career when he was PM).

Ironically, most of the ordinary Leave (even Remain) voters understood their vote, and want Mrs May to initiate her Lancaster Speech to the letter.

Why does Tony Blair not invite those who voted Leave from all Parties to meet him, and tell him themselves as a couple already did live on camera when confronting Tim Farron, Liberal Leader at the time during the recent General Election when Mr Farron claimed that Leave voters didn’t understand the issues!

People told him “I voted Leave, and understood why I voted Leave.”

Most understand that Mrs May and Mr David Davis will formalise the Leave negotiations and once all the key factors are achieved from the Lancaster House Speech made by Mrs May, our Prime Minister (despite her future in that capacity could be long or short), then a new kind of trading agreement ‘outside’ the EU structure but separately with it thereto, might be possible, but if not Britain will walk, as No Deal is better than either a Bad Deal or an unauthorised and unwanted Tony Blair deal!

We do have HM Commonwealth of Countries, also America, lining up to do trade deals with us once we are free from the EU.

Trouble is, Mrs May and Mr David Davis represent the Bull Dog of Britain but perhaps it is time they remind the Remoaners, and schemers against democracy, that the Lion of Britain will not be tamed by those who are creating and nurturing the ongoing Brexit circus.

Commentators and voters alike plead to all, please let the Elected Government of the UK get on with their job.

After all, the people will get a final vote on any deal achieved or if unobtainable, then Britain will walk. Perhaps that is the aim so that another election is triggered.

People should be careful what they wish for, as the saying goes. I doubt that will be heeded.






Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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