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Oki Kehinde Julius



Tales Of Rape



When I was ten,

Mama told me some deplorable tales

That turned my eyeball to kanji dam of water…


Tales of how Aminat’s thigh,

Suddenly became a mortar

Seven men took their yam and pestle to —-for pounding.


Tales of how village Adams

Ate the unripe fruits of the elysian eve.

Tales of how women’s undies

Are stankly torn like the raiment

That veiled the nudity of the temple.


Betwixt these tales

Mama didn’t veil her ordeal ,

Of how her pink lips, became the meat

Her uncle chewed profusely —–while she’s asleep.

Of how an obscure hand,

Padlocked her wailing mouth without a key.

Of how her privy pant

Suddenly grew wings

And flew away like a parachute from her torso.

Of how her projecting nipples

Became a cowbell for her rapist —-who turned infant.


Tales of how revered chiefs,

Lured little kids

Into the other room —-with biscuits.

Tales of how virile teachers,

Scrub away the pride of unfledged pupils

With recitation of “parts of the body ”


Of how married women

Were made to climb the hills of orgasm, by burglars

Before their husbands.

Of how pregnant women,

Were laid to cum and scream

While not in labour room.


Tales of how barren women,

Rode erotically on the horses of layman

For conception.

Of how an unknown digger

Dug the well of maiden virgins.


My tongue suddenly became tired

Of savouring mama’s chronicles,

For rape, ravish and assaults

Is the tales our ears won’t ready to hear.

Raping is a symbol of evil

Its egression must be put to book.






Oki Kehinde Julius

Poet Oki Kehinde Julius is a renowned and prolific writer who hails from Okitipupa, in Ondo-state Nigeria. He is currently an undergraduate engineering student and a Christian by faith.

Okilux, by poetic name is a spoken words artist whose prowess performance has mounted the boundary of difference between him and other slam performers. He has won laurel in both spoken slam and page poetry. He won the “MOST INFLUENCIAL BEST POET OF THE YEAR 2015” from “Paragon Poetry Contest” in addition to being inducted in 2015 into the “Communty Of Thought And Society” and awarded the position of Writer1 in the League.

His work has featured in both local, national and international magazines and was shortlisted among the Top 30 page ‘Poets that rocks’2015 by BLACK PRIDE MAGAZINE. He was also nominated by TUCK MAGAZINE, among the 168 Writers of 2015 with poetry, article and fiction.

He is currently holding the position of Writer1/Media Officer at CHRYSOLITE WRITERS TEAM and as Moderator at Literary Planet Poetry.


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