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July 19, 2017 Asia , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , Pakistan , POLITICS

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Shahper Hassan


I am writing this to show the true picture of religious extremism and how deeply the Pakistan military is connected to militant organizations it claims to be fighting against.

The Pakistani military is playing the dirtiest role in the war on terror, they are not only playing just a double game while giving the impression to the international community it’s a moderate nation and against religious extremism, the truth is they are promoting and protecting militant and Jihadi organizations to use in Kashmir, Afghanistan and in other parts of the world.

In a recent report U.S. Congress made civil-military aid conditional to action/attack against the Afghan Taliban. If this report is true, the Pakistan military will do this as they do not have any specific stance and standing in the War on Terror. More relevant and important questions and points are that the Afghan Taliban have connections with Pakistan’s military establishment both with Pakhtun and Punjabi military. Both have the same approach as of the Afghan Taliban and therefore there is fanatical religious extremism in the province of Punjab.

Military and police belonging to Punjab have the same Taliban-minded approach — they imposed ‘demons’on me while living in the UAE, details I have mentioned in some of the my articles. The Pakistan military, which is deeply connected with the militant organizations, is the fundamental reason for religious abnormality and extremism. Their being abnormal, liars, greedy, manipulative and exploitative of religion is proven by these facts:


(1). They kept a large majority of Pakistani citizens deprived of education so when needed they could manipulate them against the political parties and in the name of Islam.

(2). They claim to be U.S. allies and are at the same time running insurgency against them.

(3). They say they are progressive and moderate Muslims and again what they do is interfering in the life of Pakistani citizens in Pakistan and in other countries violating their rights and privacy—not only this, they tried to implicate me in terror charges, which I have provided details on FB and my emails to different people and also in my book sent for publication, waiting for their response. I am not sure it will be published or not.

(4). Their illiteracy and shamelessness have no limits and is proven by this; they want business, foreign investment, aid and military equipment from the countries they condemn and run insurgencies and campaigns against Western civilization.

(5). They claim they are Muslims and have high moral values, yet they are organizing sectarian and religious killings and filming them, and presenting themselves as saviours and heroes in the films, clips and movies they are making.


The media is complicit in the crimes being committed against humanity and citizens. They are together exploiting, abusing and misinterpreting religion in the name of religion and moral values. They are criminals, negative-minded, full of greed with their abhorrent and shameless approach and policy of supporting, protecting and then killing the militants.

Pakistan needs to be pounded by the Western militaries so this dishonest and illiterate nation remembers for the coming generations! Even if the military takes action against Afghan Taliban for money and whatever reasons, what will the international community do about the religious extremism and militancy in Punjab? This side is equally responsible for terrorism and international Jihadism supported and promoted by the Pakistan military.





 Shahper Hassan

Shahper Hassan

The writer has worked as journalist for English dailies in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.


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