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Mbizo Chirasha



Madame (satire)



Madame, when the sunrays spark through the rim of hills flanked by our poverty, scratching villages of peasants,


Madame, Toyi-toyi to Nyazvidzi streams and vomit your disease, your anger, vomit your dread and hatred laced heart into the water that your anger helps the river to laugh and reeds to dance,


Madame , i see you smashing kindergartens with your corruption tired, sanctions smitten, ambition gloved hardy, gritty like sand palms,


Madame, i see your anger ridden slogan descending over the cascading, smoky presidium rondavel leaving others to lick burnt scars,


Madame, i see you wielding your slogan like hammer chiseling mercilessly the flesh of the state,


Madame, your mouth is a bitter pot where honey will not drip, your words stink war like in Baghdad,


Madame, your loose verbal saliva laced with acid burnt the hopes of the villagers,


Madame, we lost our country in your foul cracked lips and our dreams in alleys of your seething anger,


Madame, your dance is a magnet to paparazzi and your vitriol is fodder to pen wielders,


Madame, sit down next to the streams, vomit your ambitions and your disease – hatred,


Madame, children and daughters await a better and a new song from you, Sons are tired of baboons alike laughing at your rants and careless vengeful, fistful slogans,


Madame, when the sunrays spark through the rims of hills flanked by our poverty, scratching villages of peasants, trot to the river and vomit your anger, when at night shadows will be your company during the day crocodiles will be your sentry.





Dedication to the First Lady of Zimbabwe after the South African diplomatic gaffe in August 2017







Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha The Black Poet, works as a poet/writer in residence , creative/literary projects expert , poetry festivals manager and performance poet. He is an acclaimed international performances poet and is published in more than 60 journals around the the world, websites, anthologies and literary reviews. He also works as a media relations strategist and consultant.

Mbizo’s Poetry can be found at http://www.mbizotheblackpoet.blogspot.ca/ and blog at http://personalitiesofinspiration.wordpress.com/ also.

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