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Ngozi Olivia Osuoha




Agonies Of A Riveriner



Born beside water

Thrown into it to float,

Grew up, a fish Survival, inside it.


Born in the shanty

Bred in the slum,

Suffering in the ghetto

Drowning in the island.


No boat, no ship

No bridge, no border

Toxic waste, gaseous water

Muddy water, moody life.


Rains wash the farms

Floods sweep the shelters,

Rivers overflow their banks

Tragedy booming the doom,

Aquatic land, dead people.





Brexit O Brexit



Though life is bit by bit

Falling into an enemy’s pit

Is a total misfit

Because a bandit

Can cook a titbit

For the blood we knit

Not to flow but quit,

Then that, which we did inherit

Would be an exhibit

In order to limit

Where we inhabit

For our permit

To lose its merit,

So that when they hit

From wherever they sit

They can yell BREXIT O BREXIT





The Empresses That Rule The Ink



The poetesses

Who always think

The prophetesses

Who never sink,

The princesses

Who wear pink,

The priestesses

Who never drink.


The duchesses

That do not stink,

The deaconesses

That also link

The actresses

Who do wink

The lionesses

That never blink.


The tigresses

That never shrink,

The empresses

That rule the ink.





We Are Talents



We are talents

Real, we are.

We appreciate cultures

Abuse, we detest.

We love values

Morals, we preserve.

We cherish decency

Modest, we play.


We are talents

Good tidings, we herald.

We live respect

Logic, we reason.

We are sages

Discipline, we impact.

We are wise

Principles, we imbibe.

We are prophets

Futures, we tell.





Peace Be Still



Peace, why drag supremacy

And fight for superiority?

Why crush silence

And break thine sheath,

That we remain at war?


You waylay unity

And make skulls, your crown

You ambush growth

And arrest development,

Peace, why hate thyself

When you are a gem?


Barefooted, you wander afar

Thirsty, you stand aloof

Hungry, you sink beyond

Lonely, you stray away

Peace, why art thou gone?


Come, peace come

Return, O peace

This earth is broken

This world is bruised,

Come, heal the air

Come, sweep the land

Return, O peace,

Peace! Peace! Be Still!





Clear Her Dilemma



An art so wondrous

Divine in every sense,

A creature so elegant

Creative, gallant and immaculate.


The bravest of creation

Smart, strong and sound

Loving, caring, lovely, careful

The woman, a little god.


Homemade, homemaker

Groomed and grooming

A confident confidant

A loyalist and a faithful

Submissive, calm and resilient.


Pure,  genuine companion

Quiet, honest giver

Fair, jealous lover

Godly, decent soulmate.


Save her the drama

Heal her the trauma,

Clean her the stigma

And clear her of the dilemma.






Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer, a graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. Her first longest poem THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN published in Kenya is available on amazon. She has published over eighty poems in over ten countries.

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