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September 15, 2017 Africa , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS

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Mbizo Chirasha


Ministers and bureaucrats are harassed every day by the overzealous, over ambitious and self-anointing Grace Mugabe who leads the ZANU-PF Women’s Department through the blessing of her despotic husband. She has since crossed her boundary, defied all leadership, national and political protocol to self-anoint herself as the Zimbabwean Prime Minister and the president-in-waiting.

The first lady has since launched a witch hunt in the political succession matrix. Her rantings and charade have proven to be of political immaturity and trash perpetuated against all who are thought to be contesting the presidential seat. The callous notion that a full presidential spokesperson should glossify his ink in support of the bizarre Mazoe land grabbing by Grace Mugabe is rather self-saving and immature.

If George Charamba is a bad apple in the national bureaucracy, his bosses who include the Minister of Information Christopher Mushohwe, the two vice presidents and the president, and are the ones with the mandate to rebuke, reprimand, caution or suspend him through proper governmental and cabinet channels without bungling government protocol. Mr. Charamba has worked with and for Mr. Mugabe for quite a long time. He has survived with his boss through many storms, rain and snow. Mugabe himself knows fully that Charamba is a loyal press-corp in the Munhumutapa House. He has saved his master immeasurably. He never deviated from the rules according to his master, R. G. Mugabe. Charamba speaks on behalf of the presidency, which means he speaks also on behalf of the two vice presidents Cde Mphoko and Cde Mnangagwa, which he has done with absolute respect, Grace Mugabe wanting him to be her press corp, hence her chiding him in the glare of the whole world; hence the overzealousness on the part of the First Lady who is the face of the G40 faction.

Mr. Charamba wittingly silenced the independent media through several political storms and seasons that has practically saved Mugabe, the ZANU-PF and his family from falling from grace. He is human, not another human, but a human who has also entered a succession of musical operas to roast the gangsters 40 and fit them their rightful and sizeable panties. I think every Zimbabwean has a right to air his/her views. Mr. Charamba is entitled to his political views like everyone else in the political strata of Zimbabwe. Charamba and his powerful pen torched the razing tongues of roasting fire from the firebrand, foul mouthed and political immature Grace Marufu Mugabe whose power is oiled by her privileges as the wife the old African dictator Robert Mugabe.

Grace claims that Charamba is her son and this is very ironic that the public demonization of the highly intelligent, talented and creative Charamba is out of this world. The Madame has never demonized her rogue, misbehaving, mindboggling boozers of children with such disdain in public. The personality Cult in Mugabe has led Grace to call anyone her son or daughter, despite their age, history and community standing.

Grace Mugabe is the one who has covertly captured, the state, the state apparatus, the politburo, the media, the courts and the president. She has also captured the Zimbabwean masses. Her antics of saving the masses are hypocritical and are laced with sinister ambition driven motives. She has pimped the trust of the masses for her presidential ambitions. She is of this ancient belief that Mugabe is a god and must not be challenged. She believes that Mugabe is the holy spirit who would be able to rule even from his cemetery. She matches Mugabe with no one while she bungles protocol and torches diplomatic gaffes in neighboring countries. She has become violent like rabies ridden canine.

Any revolutionary cadre who proves to be progressive and powerful is widely targeted by the Madame de-facto Prime Minister. Grace Mugabe requires maximum orientation on matters of politics, leadership, diplomacy and etiquette for she lacks all of these while she wallows in waters of diplomatic ignorance and political immaturity. Her handlers should desist from presenting her as a roving spokesperson of a faction more than a full First Lady of the country.

In politics people are pruned of their dignity and stature by ambitious young politicians who are salivating for power. They use you as a front against their political rivals and it is very wise to know that in a slogan country, the masses can clap or ululate your madness, you fully believing they love you. The G40 gangsters are using her and they will soon discard her into the wretched dustbins of political rubbish, the gangsters faction fast stripping power from her husband while pruning off the confidence of the masses in her.

Grace Mugabe should approach politics with a profound zeal to acquaint herself with composition and detail. Politics is not empty talk, witch hunts or parroting. In politics you follow the lines, the hidden lines, the fault lines and master cracks and the ground you are standing; master the language of the media and masses. You should not only be in touch with the masses but you should be in touch with what the masses think of you. The madness Mrs. Mugabe is exhibiting is not hers. The gangsters and turncoats have found her as a cheap way to confuse her husband and also sink the revolutionary ship he leads – ZANU-PF.

Mrs Mugabe has ignorantly agreed to soil the reputable legacy Mugabe has built in his party. His inability to step down harmoniously is therefore causing pandemonium among his party cadres. The Nut Professor and his cabal are using Grace Mugabe to fight potential revolutionaries who are capable of taking Zimbabwe. Mrs Mugabe must give herself a holiday of silence and self-introspection, she must look back and watch her trailblazers. After nights of self-searching she should by that time repent from her self-destructive behavior that has led the country to a screeching and stinking halt.

She is really working as a de-facto Prime Minister or a caretaker president of Zimbabwe. In her self-anointing term of office she has been involved in witch hunts, gossip and exposing Mr. Mugabe’s private life while the economy is under serious weather like his excellency. The luxurious lives her children are living in South Africa is a result of the money sucked out of the cash-strapped, poverty stricken and corruption blighted Zimbabwean economy. During her self-anointing term of office she has performed dismally in diplomatic circles as well as in party politics. She has tainted our beautiful country with a dirty brush. Her children splash money like confetti in expensive hotels and malls while their parents travel alongside with them with lavish loving delegations dwindling the already empty national purse. Mrs. Mugabe does not give a hoot about the plight of children walking naked in Tongogara avenue, hungry beggars in Chitepo street, crying vendors in Robert Mugabe road, the homeless in Samora Machel avenue. She has displaced villagers in Mazoe of their traditional homes for her ambitious project. Are we a banana republic?

Grace Mugabe has soiled the reputable character of the all-powerful Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru, a formidable revolutionary cadre. Mujuru and her cabal have since been fired from ZANU-PF. Mujuru has so far moved on in her political career and has since formed her political party that will stand in the 2018 Elections. The Coalition of the opposition parties should take advantage of waning the titanic ZANU-PF as it is being destroyed from within by the G40 cabal whose three leaders are Grace, Tyson and the Nut Professor.

The message from the Zimbabwean populace is that Zimbabweans need Mugabe to retire, we are tired of the Mugabe hegemony, we need a new political taste, and we need a new leader, not a new ruler. We want to be led, not to be ruled.

The cadres who are still in ZANU-PF must understand the pains of the masses in a dying country. The notion of cheering and praising despotic leaders destroys the whole framework of multi-political diversity. A country is not run at political rallies. The government does not function with slogans. The cabinet is an executive, it is not political party, it is not run like a dairy company. ZANU-PF, Grace Mugabe and Mr. Mugabe do not own Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe is owned by the people.






Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha The Black Poet, works as a poet/writer in residence , creative/literary projects expert , poetry festivals manager and performance poet. He is an acclaimed international performances poet and is published in more than 60 journals around the the world, websites, anthologies and literary reviews. He also works as a media relations strategist and consultant.

Mbizo’s Poetry can be found at and blog at also.

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