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Hazel Speed


At the end of the day, the voters choose a side between Capitalism and Socialism which are, in so many ways, opposite sides of the same coin.

There are various factors which influence choice, such as historical loyalties (how a family has always voted), if they are a company owner or employee, or they may be swayed to choose a new allegiance if a broadcast or piece of news so persuades them.

Even just from the above list we can probably say, with some accuracy, what the national divide would be; that was, at least, before Brexit.


A rather worrying discussion on the radio recently invoked the return to the 1979 – 1980s era.  God forbid, some would declare, and it was intriguing that the interviewee did not just say it outright – a return to Thatcherism.

Many voices would declare it is because of her time that Britain is so entangled within Europe, and social divides are ever greater, given the political desire towards monetary greed for the already well-heeled.

Those who benefitted from that era would soon welcome its return however.

One can deduce that any nation needs to be profitable to enable social justice, rather than be at its expense.  There is a difference.

Grenfell Tower is not only a symbol of a huge tragedy, but one of social divide and its inevitable injustices. We have also all heard of apartment blocks which are shared by owners in part (who can enter by the front door of their building and have exclusive usage of restricted lifts), and other apartments, which are leased to Council tenants who have to use a different entrance and lifts.

Social segregation of any kind should have no place in Britain.


Only the other day, whilst sorting out some old decimal coins to take to the bank before that currency is discontinued, I saw one which had the image of a chain on it, in reference to the date when slavery was abolished.

I have seen some actual shackles in a museum which both upset and angered me that they ever existed in the first place because of a dreadful and immoral slave trade.  I said a silent prayer hoping that whoever suffered such impingements, with the associated lack of their liberty and freedom, would know it was not in my name.

Sadly, we hear of modern day slavery, so that undermines the relevance of the abolished slavery icon on the coin I referred to above.

They should produce coins which have ‘Not in my Name’ written on it which we could request as a form of protest against certain issues.


Regarding monetary issues, we are being reminded of the National Deficit via various officials, but more often than not, I hear people asking ‘what do we owe, to whom, and why?’ I cannot ever recall anyone actually confirming a true clarification to the public in ordinary language.

We give money to so many worthy and world-wide appeals or causes, yet our nation remains in debt.

Jeremy Corbyn may soon ‘capitalise’ if the Government assume they have the support of the true blue voter on the rationality of such things, as those days have gone.

Equally, Mr Corbyn may have huge numbers in his Rock Star Fan Club, but they do not form the majority of every constituency, so there is no virtue in just increasing the numbers of voters in already established Labour seats.

Also, people who are above the age of his youthful fan base members do not want him to abandon Trident.  What defence would Britain have just with conventional weapons if Korean missiles were launched against us or from other similar sources?


It would appear that both Capitalism and Socialism have a few things to learn from each other, and the side which realises that, and publicly adapts, will be the next Party in power without initiating a hung parliament.

One other item on the agenda should be the importance, and growing requirement, to enable an English Parliament and Leader, under the same opportunities (and financial benefits) as already enjoyed by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; for that is an issue gaining a different type of ‘momentum’ and will soon be the next political thorn in a Governmental side.

Far better to initiate that vision now, and be ahead of the game for once; proactive rather than the usual reactionary damage control containment.





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

Hazel Speed is a Philosopher, Writer, and Artist with various creative projects at differing stages of development. Her flaship project is an animation which has produced a film short: She has also written an E-novel, ‘Just Suppose…!‘ which is available via the attached link.

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