September 29, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Kakali Karmakar







Avalanche from the mind heaps up

What if you are nobody today? No worry

Just because nothing favoured you yesterday

Why dilute from the destiny?

Even if the storm collides with you

Be frolicking like a butterfly.


Life is not a race for a medal

Rather, make a change in the world

Destiny is not espoused of other’s resolution

It’s little more than the dream

It’s little more than the aspiration.


You try to destroy someone like a bulldozer

Aren’t you aware that’s your only ability?

Not your quality, you are successful

To make me fall apart but remember

You cannot ever break the will of my inner part.


Try your best, but you all can never

Let down my determination

Because that’s a tough equation

And out of your imagination, I believe

Where there is a will there is a way.


And if I’m honest enough

I shall definitely overcome one day

You all acted as back biting bitches

And let me down in pain, but, I swear

I will never let my hard work go in vain

Of course, I know life is not a bed of roses.






Kakali Karmakar

Kakali Karmakar is 23 and was born and raised in Assam, in India. She lives in Guwahati and currently reading for an MA in English. She is an avid reader who hangs out with books and fish cutlets and is an aspiring poet.

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