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Eddie Awusi




Operation Crocodile Smile



The ewes are rising to power.

The crocodiles are smiling ferociously.

Marching in debacle, the monkeys and baboons;

Slouched through thickets of desperate avengers.

Fully kitted; the black panthers, are on rampage,

Flaunting their spots and prowess,

To a stream of dissident cockerels.

Agitated furs, pounces on the wind.

Hoppers are besieging the boulevards;

Hopeless and despondent,

Sniffing for signs of reprisals and concomitance.

The air is stifling and sadistic.

The squirrels, travailed by doomsday,

Have lost their hopping skill, to the mortar feet,

Of the trudging elephant.

Yet, on and on, the horn avail,

Summoning the gibberish stream to surrender.





I Met A Lonely Woman



I met a lonely woman.

To whom hope was a luxury.

She was a maiden to misfortune.

Her dress, an interpolation, of curious eras:

Half medieval, half stone age.

She stood bending, like a moon walker

Tired of this realm of man.

Mid-term of life, her song was soured.

Sheaves of grieves

Were the harvests of her world apart.

Sowing in pain and reaping tares.

I met a lonely woman –

Haggard, bereft and worn-out;

Unkempt and dishevelled.

Staring like an apparition.

Clutching at life,

with shivering resolution.





Drowned In The Pacific



I saw you going,

in a hobbling shuttle,

Of waves and winds.

In dreary dreadful furrow,

Into disdainful waistline,

of heartless high seas.

In hubristic ferries

of guts and indifference.

Then, suddenly this pushcart silence!

What were you thinking,

Duelfully engaging the divine majesties,

Of the deep blue pacific?

Didn’t you know, how it is forbidden,

Of mere mortal man, to gaze into the eyes,

Of the versatile sea?

I heard their judgment,

That made the sea –

Your last adventure, death bed, your graveyard.

Passed in a strange tongue,

I picked up among the huldufolk.





Same Madness As The Sea



Clouds beneath my dreams-

Befriends vengeful hordes of torment;

In a bleak frown, stuck out in staccato torrent.

While the blinking sky breaks into frenetic beams.


Hope is doomed- reaping old scores;

In forgotten abyss.

And wears worn-out faces like sores;

Running riotous bowels of tired biles in bliss.


Rapt in frustration, the weeping sky dorn-

A haze of garrulous ambience, gnawing;

Tearing haphazardly at earth confined in a vale;

Of lust and ecstasy -;

And thunderbird running errands for the sky;

Swept by same madness as the sea.





My Life Is A Simple Cross



My life is a simple cross,

In a hug of despair.

I am the first waiter of duress –

Bartender in untender bar.

I come, mining into bliss-

A graffiti artist, a blackjack dealer, a stray dog,

In beauty entranced nights.

I am your one last story,

You can always have as much as you have,

Sprained emotions.







Eddie Awusi

Eddie Awusi is a Nigerian writer of Isoko extraction. He graduated from the prestigious Delta state university, Abraka in 2007, where, he got a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Literature. He believes in the universality of Arts and global citizenship of the creative and Imaginative artist.

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