Brexit: Who is following whom ‘up the beach’?

October 16, 2017 Europe , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS , UK

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Hazel Speed


There is a saying made famous from military battles, especially if an Officer, Non-Commissioned Officer, or fellow comrades in arms are cruel to their men or are giving inept commands: ‘Follow him up the beach.’

In essence, it meant that in the heat of battle, when beach heads are being taken, it was expected that Leaders went ahead of their troops, who ‘followed them up the beach’, thereby, no doubt, the Leaders et al (as just outlined), could be shot from behind as if the enemy had been responsible for their deaths.

Metaphorically speaking, and in political terms, the Prime Minister’s domestic thwarters of Brexit are gathering a head of steam against her, and the Government, insistent as the opposing factors are, to overturn the Referendum vote.


We all realise what the aim has been regarding diplomatic negotiations with Europe, but to be frank, on the domestic side within the UK, Mrs May’s political enemies are getting ready to follow her up the beach that is known as civil unrest.

Broadcasters keep whipping up discontent in order to get free journalistic and TV copy on the subject, and they too ask leading questions of everyone, i.e. ‘have you changed your mind since the Referendum?’, and they go on to make biased statements to justify what they say in respect of saving jobs as a priority over the outcome of the Brexit Referendum.

It is irrelevant even if people have changed their mind since the Brexit Referendum, as inevitable procedural delays in expediting Britain’s exit from the EU does not change anything.

Ms Miller‘s Supreme Court Case, then all the hoops thereafter, through the House of Commons, House of Lords, Parliamentary debates and Committee Sessions (including considerable replication with all the countries of the UK), has caused the whole processing of Leaving Europe to be like swimming through treacle.

Added to which, the lack of a sense of unifying patriotism, has all hindered, as well as disgusted many.


If Mrs May does not bring matters to a swift conclusion (and not waiting for the EU’s stance in December), her endeavours may result in too little too late.

This became so apparent in recent days, and the Prime Minister would do well not to dismiss the current chattering as mere gossip.

Her Cabinet continue to let her down, and she has to accept their shortcomings, due to her vulnerable position of limited Conservative seats in Parliament, even allowing for support from the DUP.

In contrast, whilst Mrs May and Cabinet concern themselves with Mr Barnier & Co., there are others in the UK who are following her up the political beach.

To ignore that aspect, without planning a counter move to same, could well prove the downfall of the Government and see the Labour Party in power.

As Mrs May knows only too well herself, the Brexit Referendum is in danger of being usurped, thereby ignoring those who gave a majority vote to Leave Europe, and then the lack of reference is being shown by loud voices, who are unconcerned for the rights of UK Citizens residing in Europe; is all the proof she requires, together with the ever desperate measures of those who wish to initiate all that is in their own interests, which collectively proves most certainly that the Prime Minister should look around to see who are amalgamating to follow her up the beach.


Perhaps a prudent General would reconsider their earlier goal and walk away from talks with the EU now.

The anger would be far less once the opposition are wrong-footed, than it would be if the Brexit negotiations ran the full dubious course, and then any leadership challenge at home would similarly be negated if she expedited matters now.

After all, the majority of voters in the UK voted to leave the EU and that is what she will have delivered.

So far, I have not heard one Leave voter being interviewed who has changed their mind, or made any references that the interests of businesses should negate their vote as individuals.

The key question is, of course, does the Prime Minister have the courage to take the required action?  The way many see it is that she has nothing to lose yet everything to gain.





Hazel Speed

Photo (c) Hazel Speed – used by kind permision to Tuck Magazine

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