October 16, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION


Dime Maziba







We shall recall

your prophetic revolution

whose eyes stare at

the wet slipping lips of love


We shall not dance to

to the poisoned symphony

of gunshots – these tools of the oppressors

that have taken away our hope for freedom


Listen to me Thomas,

Every 15th October

poets will drip bleached blood

of ink on soaring

wings of blank pages

to vaporize the kissing gaze of revolution







Dime Maziba

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Dime Maziba is a Pan-Africanist Oratory, poet, writer and political activist. He is also a Financial Accounting student from Durban University of technology (Dut) in South Africa where he is currently based. He is taking part in many organizations which strike for youth empowerment and gender equality and is a member of DUT poetry society. Passionate about political and economic issues, several of his articles and poems have been featured in magazines, journals and websites internationally as well as in anthologies such as ”Best New African poets 2016? (South Africa), ‘Not My President’ (USA), ‘A New Home For Africa’ (Nigeria). He has performed in many conferences such as Articulate Africa book fair 2017.

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