Art: Rania Moudaress Silva

November 1, 2017 ART/PHOTOGRAPHY


Rania Moudaress Silva



Syrian artist Rania Mudaress Silva explores the link between womanhood and nature, and the gap between dreams and reality. She reduces the gap between the conscious and the unconscious by bringing them together naturally as in an ethereal dream. She chooses to return to the essence of nature: femininity. For her the woman represents nature at all levels and brings it together in a unique place. A woman is as powerful and nurturing as nature.

The artist takes us on a journey where nature and female figures are mixed: in her portraits the construction of lines, clearly visible, gives the faces a geometrical outline that becomes a part of the landscape, almost like a mountain. Birds settle and nest in these lines sometimes becoming part of the composition. Flowers invade the faces and blend in forming one with them.




Arbre du Paradis















Love Came Here






Brief Encounter – BFI Classics – book cover






Rania Moudaress Silva

Rania Moudaress Silva, graduated from the École Supérieure des Arts et Mode in Paris as well as from the Paris American Academy of Fashion and Art. She also holds a degree from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts and Music in Damascus.

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