November 1, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Kelechi A Anthony




Village Monsters



Hunters hunting hawks for lunch

Got hurt by guns off their brunch

Under hot sun off their hut

But none brought this to a halt


Hoodlums slaying small and great

Creating weights- no abate

Buds in muds flooding blood

The Sea pots streaming blood


The birds mourning in their nests

Trees weeping in a contest

Grasses begging lands to pray

Lands praying for the killed preys


Air vomiting quelling hell

Looming vultures ringing bell

For all-year dinner party

With appetite, so hearty.


Heart and soul cut asunder

Creed bleeding without healing

Those greedy guns must be punished

For justice sake and peace to reign.








Tears stream down your beards

To your chest like Nile,

For loss of love,

Loss of cares.


Dreams scared

And scarred without spare

By peers and chairs who stare and blare;

If you dare seek welfare and repair

Of your dying dreams.


Homeless, no wears,

Nightmares, your air,

Fears in your nostrils,

Hairs chopped off by bears.

Left alone in thick forest,

Despair, your friend,

Cheers thrown into dustbin,

Lolly gone to Bali,

And thorns in your skin, ageless.


Dear friend, swim in your tears!

It’s the ocean to paradise.






Kelechi A Anthony

Mr. Kelechi A. Anthony was born on 9th August, 1992 in Nigeria, West Africa, where he resides with his family and obtained a bachelor degree in Medical Laboratory Science. He loves literature, sciences and philosophy. His hobbies include: reading and writing, sports and playing music.

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