November 28, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Anindita Bose







it’s coming they said,

a cyclone


announced and



it rained the whole day,

she skipped work to

see the drops falling on

empty streets


a beautiful wet day, yet

tomorrow would be



she watched the leaves

in a trance


and then there was a

tap on the window pane


a few of them came to

meet her before tomorrow


could it be the last day?








the same old, same old,

same old days


you, me, we, and they


the cycle of milky ways,

millions of stars wait

amidst that same silent



the nights come, the

days go


summer, winter, spring,

and autumn


only monsoon brings

drops of rain


or else everything remains







Anindita Bose

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Anindita Bose is inspired by the zeal of her city of joy. She has an interest in psychology which she believes has connected her closely to universal ideas and human emotions. She believes words have immense possibilities to create life out of nothing.

“Let’s decode the labyrinth of life” is what she thinks when words form stories in her conscious and subconscious minds. Recently her poems and stories got published in Tuck Magazine, eFiction India Magazine and Indiaree Magazine. Her poems are part of various national and international anthologies.

She is a working professional and when not writing she is actively involved in activities of a poetry group named ‘Rhythm Divine’ of which she is a co-founder. Apart from poetry writing she is also into short story writing, painting, photography and travelling.

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