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November 29, 2017 Africa , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS

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Mbizo Chirasha



The Soft November rain that soaked the Dictator to the marrow



African elders say the month of November is sacred and spiritual. It is a month when evil doers fall from grace, when African Gods and Goddesses spiritually converge for their own Africa Mecca. These spiritual pilgrimages gather according to their order, their seniority and the order of their purpose, with roles to decide the future of African land, including punishing evil doers and cleansing the land, blessings usually showered upon the land as the spiritual parliament adjourns (similar to recalling and impeach in human societies) to meet next November. In November, wizards and witches are struck by surprising bolts of lightning.

The November rain is soft, its drops are gentle, and it can bring blessings or soak evil-doers to the marrow.

The tides of November have swept through Zimbabwe, once a beautiful country that has been turned violent by a Napoleonic Robert Mugabe. The revolutionary lightning caught him napping and struck him from the throne.

Enough of the month of November.


The following factors played a role in the fall of Robert Gabriel Mugabe from power. Mugabe’s fate was sealed by his former blue eyed boy, his former security and defence chief architect, chief election strategist and one man who stood by and with him since the struggle for independence in the 70s up to the 6th of November 2017, the day he fired his long time revolutionary and political sidekick, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. This is the man with whom he shared the same political bible, political gun, political slogan and political dreams, during and after the struggle for liberation. This is also the man who knew Mugabe’s fears and his capabilities more than his wives (Grace Marufu and Sally Hayfron).

Mugabe failed the political puzzle, he should not have fired Mnangagwa, who knew him from eyelid to marrow, in such a Napoleonic manner. In 1980 Mugabe appointed Mnangagwa as the first independent Zimbabwe minister of Security affairs; he led the security, military and intelligence reforms of a new Zimbabwe. He is the engineer of the Mugabe era and securocractic machinery.

It should have dawned on Mugabe thata man with such vast revolutionary experience and political closeness could turn the wheel spanner to him in the event of an attempt to throw him under the politically moving bus, thus this is exactly what Dambudzo did, he just turned the wheel spanner. Mugabe was crushed under his own wheels, the cruel despot having no option other than to resign. How refreshing to wake up knowing that in the ZANU-PF, leaders are just adverts.

Mugabe had grown so old that he could not stand the political pressures, even soft coups. The military coup in Zimbabwe was clean and flawless, with no bloodbath and was diligently masterminded, the Zimbabwean military code-naming it Operation Restore Legacy.


The purging of military elite from strategic positions and the disrespect of ex-war cadres irked them to the inner core. Many felt betrayed by Mugabe who used them to win elections and discarded them when it came to rewards. They felt their leader was ignoring revolutionary ethics and ideological principles. The war cadres went to war to bring back sanity in the revolutionary party and the country.

To them the Generation 40 political group led by Mugabe’s wife, the politically clueless and diplomatically dull Grace Marufu, the last Goebbels of Africa Prof Jonathan Moyo and the tiger pawed Saviour Kasukuwere are witches and wizards who hijacked the revolutionary train, slaughtered the leaders and ran away with the fruits of the long revolutionary journey. This November, the military brought an axe to grind the wizards and witches to a pulp and redirect the freedom train back to its supposed route, Operation Restore Legacy.

Mugabe himself knew precisely that his powers were borrowed mostly from the ever-militant war time cadres but he underestimated their courage and wisdom. They pulled the rug from his once powerful throne.

I am still of the opinion that Mugabe bowled himself out of power because of his neglect of the ideological bible and his lost passion for the lives of the poverty ravaged Zimbabwean masses.

In a bid to cover his unrepentant despotic potholes, he madly reshuffled the cabinet more than four times in four years, replacing his former sidekicks with new ones creating fissures in the once smooth government. The cabinet changes were instigated by his wife who placed her criminals next to the once powerful leader. This G40 cabal was composed of political weevils and economic bedbugs that sucked the country dry. It all backfired. Mugabe got soaked by the November rain to the marrow, from which he fell from grace with disgrace.





Mbizo Chirasha

Mbizo Chirasha is an Internationally published poet, writer, blog publisher and Citizen  Justice Activist. Mbizo Chirasha is the Originator/Instigator of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign (Brave Voices Poetry Journal-Tuck Magazine, Word Guerrillas Protest Poetry Journal – Zimbabwe Sphere, Poets Free Zimbabwe- MiomboPublishing). Mbizo is also the participant of the International Human Rights Arts Festival, Exiled in Africa Programin New York, United States.

His poetry, writing and blog journals are widely published across the globe. Mbizo Chirasha is also the founder /creative director of GirlchildCreativityProject. He is the Zimbabwe Resident Coordinator of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change – Global and the WomenScream International Poetry Festival. Mbizo has led a number of creative interventions and arts based projects. Mbizo Chirasha can be  found at the following links:




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