18 carats of President Zuma

December 20, 2017 Africa , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS , POLITICS

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Awesu Olaniyi Williams


They figuratively stated that Mr Zuma, with his hands deep into the state pot, scooping a handful of choice meats for family and friends, especially on behalf of the notorious Gupta clan, asked his accusers what wrong had he done? Did he steal a hen or cock? Not that kind of a cock, you pervert, a real life cock, the male version of a hen.

Without a degree, (not that it matters in the grand scheme of things), he rode to power while paying his dues, slowly and steadily building a base and establishing himself within the ANC leadership, becoming the leader of the party which gave Mandela the presidency. With Zuma now a skilled political chess player, Mbeki was checkmated, conceding to reality and not defeat. President Mbeki resigned, paving the way for the Zuma era.



Zuma Era


The ultimate symbol of wealth in most climes is having a sizable number of carats in gold. We know South Africa has an abundance of gold, but what seems to baffle most ardent followers is what is happening in Madiba’s home country. Is the recent display of 18 carats not worth gold but instead allegations of corruption on the President? With his presidency coming to an end in 2019 without any possibility of re-election, Mr Zuma’s reign remains one of the most crucial in the history of South African politics. Unarguably Zuma is the most accused President on corruption, while the economy has remained barely and significantly afloat without any giant leap or progression.

The opposition faced by the executive arm of government has remained fiercely constant culminating in a failed parliamentary vote of no-confidence. Delegates in turn recently went to the polls across the country to elect Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, a man who rode to power on the wings of an anti-corruption crusade while being an insider within the Zuma administration, beating his opponent Madam Dlamini Zuma, former wife of the President.

While hope has been rekindled of a likely new direction to be taken by the new ANC leadership, which has seen those in the business community supporting the emergence of Cyril Ramaphosa, tipped as a likely successor to Mr Zuma, analysts and watchers of political events are also concerned as to the need for those in the political class to do what is necessary to reposition the country, bringing widening gaps between rich and poor, safeguarding the middle class, among others.

While 2018 is around the corner, deciding who leads South Africa after Zuma, there are concerns as to whether or not the many alleged atrocities of the former freedom fighter and incumbent president will be swept under the carpet.





Awesu Olaniyi Williams

Awesu Olaniyi is a 24 year old, second best graduating student of Political science education from Lagos State University where he won various regional and national awards for public speaking and environmental advocacy. He is currently a freelance writer, LGBT discussant and aspiring M.sc student of political science. He can be reached via [email protected].

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