December 21, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Amreen Qadir




Pie in the Sky



And here she comes every morning,

Knocking at the door of my heart

She sits for long hours and we have great conversations together,

I ask her very often where on earth does she come from?

She turns her head around and whispers gently

Hers is a vast land, where imagination floats

Hers is a land where love flourishes,

Hers is a utopian land where peace jubilates

Hers is a land where one can fly high up in the sky,

A land where one spread the wings on one’s own discretion

A land where there is no bloodshed, no atrocity, no ferocity and no fracas

A land where there is no heartbreak, no hatred, no bad blood and no wretchedness,

A land where you can throw off the bondages that the world places upon you,

All at once my imagination begins to wander

In search of land of milk and honey,

I reckon how it will be to live in such an idyllic land,

Escaping from the clouds of agony and misery dangling over the head

All of a sudden, again she twitters,

Her feathers glittering as stars hung up in the sky

She bids me a goodbye

I see her through my window,

Flying far away in the air

Thus my little mynah heads,

Towards her absolute land of milk and honey.






Amreen Qadir

I am Amreen Qadir, from the department of languages and literature, school of humanities and social sciences. I am doing my masters in English literature from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu and Kashmir. I have acquired 7.1 CGPA in my first year of Masters degree. I belong to Srinagar Kashmir and it’s known as the Crown of India.

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  1. Hubby December 28, at 14:12

    This is Beautiful Just like your eyes ??


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