December 22, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Brian Crandall







Gather your family

And run through the carnage

Your home destroyed

In the middle of the night


Rebel insurgents shoot at government forces

Erratic Extremists cut the throat of a woman

Cut the throat of a child

Showing no mercy

Like an animal




Nobody knows your name, Refugee


No money, no food, no water

No plan devised

So many left behind

You leave on foot

A desperate search for freedom


Never knowing what you might find


Through the heat of the day you press on

And on

Feet aching, heart breaking

Huddled together

Your family shivers through the night


Nobody there to help you, Refugee


No bridge to cross this obstacle

The sea is hungry for souls to feed


Too many people or

The boat is too small

A wave turns it over


You hear a child’s terrified call


He looks at you for help


You sacrifice, so he could stay

Your child survives another day


But nobody came to your aid, Refugee


I’m sorry you didn’t make it, Refugee





Tears of Terror



Living in Fear, I’m TERRIFIED

I want to sleep through the night

But I’m too scared

My eyes open wide


It’s been like this since the day I was born

This is my Reality

This is my norm’


One day I asked my mom, “Where is my sister?”

Mom said she’s gone to heaven

And I really miss her


We never go to school

so we’ll never learn

What it’s like to get an education

All we feel is the burn


I hear the explosion of another bomb

I run outside and, now

I can’t find my mom


My dad has been gone since

I was about two

A victim of Violence

Now I don’t know what to do


The family around me

Everybody is dying

Now I’m standing here alone


And I can’t stop crying






Brian Crandall

I write poetry in an effort to encourage caring and compassion for people who are struggling and suffering. The poetry I write about refugees and the homeless has been read in churches in the U.S., England and New Zealand. Syrian freedom fighters messaged me a thank you for the poetry about the struggles of Syrians. The poetry I write about traumatized soldiers is incorporated into PTSD counseling groups in California and New Jersey, while the poetry is also incorporated into counseling in the ‘Alternatives to Violence Project’ in both a men’s and women’s prison.

To learn more, check out Brian’s book on Amazon.

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