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Nitusmita Saikia




At Midday



Each instant of my life as though has melted

Only loneliness remains with its residues.


Only loneliness

Why the red blood cells have drained

Today, from the arteries

I with none dumb and silent

Why loneliness the only companion of my soul!


In swirling darkness,

Light dies in commotion

Coalition of memories in full of mayhem

As if a lazy tune of nothingness is in rhythm.


Arrive at midday shore with zilch

Days have gone wandering

I ebb into the lapping waves at midday.





Bridal March of my Poetry



Cascade of moonlit engulfs

Weave dreams in meandering thoughts

Song of my heart rhapsodies with the sky singing

As I wander in dusk!


Devouring bridal march of silent night

Sowing words of poesy as if the falling

Light of heaven

On earth

Swinging arms of thou poignant breeze.


Wrapping my lofty emotions for a fly

To the ultimate ecstatic destination

In such a blissful night stroll

I like a freed quill soaring high and high.


Leaving all sorrows down

A mad poet

In her passionate contemplation

No time to count gain or loss

Deep in the drug of thoughts

Slogging through the shadows of mist

Of the night

Tying knots with diction and vocabulary

The bridal march of my poetry!






Nitusmita Saikia

Nitusmita Saikia is an Instructor in National Cadet Corps by profession and a keen worshiper of literature by passion. She dreams and pens from Jorhat, Assam. A young budding poetess has been adored by the society of world poetry. Being active in various online poetry groups, she writes for e–magazines like FM Online Magazine and Ardus Publication.

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