I didn’t come from a shithole nation, I came from a shithole regime

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Ahmed Tharwat


According to Trump I came from a shithole country, a country with more than five thousand years of history, one of two countries in the history of the world besides China that kept its border intact, never invading another country and never using its army as aggressor against other countries.

However, this very old civilization is now compromised, not so much by a shithole nation, but a long civilization that has been run by shithole regimes. It also has a shithole military dictatorship, the shithole generals having run Egypt for more than 60 years as their inherence from colonial masters; a military regime that acts as landlord treating their own people as second class citizens renting the land from them in return for complete obedience and submission. This shithole regime has been supported, financed, and weaponized by American administrations regardless of having a white or black president.

In the Arab world we have countries that are run by shithole leaders. Algeria is run by a very sick old president who can’t even change his own diaper. Tunisia brought out a leader from the grave to put the country together. No one knows who runs destroyed Libya, only our own bombs and deceit. A backward monocracy runs Morocco and Jordan, and Saudi Arabia is now run by a prince with an adolescent temper! All are supported by the American military and administration.

General el-Sisi of Egypt came to power on American tanks, now he is becoming the new Qaddafi of Egypt, turning the army and police into his own militias and transforming the Egyptian Parliament, justice system, and press to whorehouses. The country has a court system that sends people to their execution without proper legal representation. From forced virginity tests, to forced disappearances, the paranoid el-Sisi is violating every human right in the book, with the blessing of the American Military Industrial Complex.

During a visit to Trump after his military coup, el-Sisi admired the American President’s ability do the impossible. All Trump had to say to the worst dictator Egypt had ever produced: “Love your shoes, boy, those shoes man.”

There were naturally a large number of knee jerk reactions to our 45th President’s latest potty mouthed outburst concerning immigrants from non-white countries. Reports surfaced that he had characterized people coming to the United States from “shithole countries” while discussing immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and African countries, a congressional hearing later hearing attempting to figure out what the orange elephant in the room actually said.

Since he came to office, Trump has been insulting people of color, non-white folks, that their only crime was the color of their skin, people from non-white countries that were destroyed, exploited, attacked, and turned into shitholes by the civilized white country that runs the system under democratic and republican administrations.

No one protested or cared much when the racist Trump took the lid off his potty mouth, removing the mask, the charade of our racist system. Everyone is now up in arms trying to run for cover, knowing that the problem is not with the orange clown outside, the real problem being the political circus inside; the system the culprit.

You can say all you want about the juvenile, childish, ignorant, xenophobic, Islamophobe Trump, but the orange elephant in the room has been exposing everyone, exposing the hypocrisy of our country that brought a racist and alleged rapist to the highest office in the land in the first place.

This is a country that still mistreats blacks and immigrants, has a police and justice system that is a shithole for racism, and a wide Islamophobic culture that has been treating Muslims as second class citizens. A country also that is still waging wars against non-white nations, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Iran.

When America looks at Donald Trump it sees itself. When America looks in the mirror, it sees a racist. This infuriates a lot of people who see their own hypocrisy as liberals and civilized white Christians who are guilty of letting their system get away with murder.

This is a system that not only incarcerates millions of young black men, but, according to human rights organizations and the Physicians For Social Responsibilities PSR, had killed four million Muslims since 9/11.

The reaction to Trump’s own epithet was mostly waged by keyboard jihadists on social media; lots of jokes, tweets and feelgood venting on twitter and facebook. Despite the uproar, outrage and widespread condemnation however, this was not fought through policies in our own racist institutions, or by a U.S foreign policy that is instead dominated by a military industrial complex waging wars against non-color nations, installing and supporting their shithole regimes.






Ahmed Tharwat

Ahmed Tharwat is the Producer and Host of the Arab-American TV show BelAhdan. His articles are published in national and international publications. He blogs at Notes from America, www.ahmediatv.com and his articles appear in national and international publications. Follow him on Twitter @AhmediaTV.

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