January 18, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Brianna Ricotta




Beauty is Not



Only blonde

with flawless curls

whose face is plastic

covered in make-up

so thick

it’s creates a mask

of false identity

with baby blue eyes

who stare at me

yet they look like

emerald city green eyes

to you

her skin is golden

tinted from the golden rays

that circle her head

where her crown sits

yet you see there is no crown really

it’s all in your head

she’s not all that

yet we want to be like her

copy her

mimic her

be her


for the glory?

so we don’t have to feel alone?

so we can say I with them?

but all this comes at a price

a price that I’m not willing to pay

I will not use

my self identity

my morals

my beliefs

as currency

to be someone who hides behind a mask






Brianna Ricotta 

Brianna Ricotta was told that she would never make it in life, that she was a hopeless case and should be put in a home. Now Brianna has her BA in psychology for the University of Colorado-Denver. She has interned at Children’s Hospital where Brianna worked as a research assistant on yoga therapy, her research will soon be published. She has also worked as an art therapy intern at Denver Health Hospital in the pediatric unit, PICU, and children’s emergency room. Her poem “Love Would be the Flu” was featured on a radio show in England. She also writes for the Huffington Post.

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