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February 26, 2018 India , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Ananya S Guha



Can We Let Such Insanity Prevail?



Hindu Nationalism is a misnomer. There can be nothing called Hindu Nationalism in a secular democracy, clearly enshrined in the Constitution of our country. If people are using this expression to espouse their cause of Nationalism, then it is prejudiced and reeks of a narrow bias. By interpreting a culture domain as one in unity and perception such an exegesis runs contrary, if not antithetical to the values of a secular country. Firstly the almost sacrosanct pitching of religion in almost every discourse. Secondly the dismantling of the period of Indian History roughly from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries. This period according to the votaries of an insular history is the ‘dark period’ in the annals of Indian History. So it must be obliterated. Not only that, its forebears must be castigated publicly. So Tipu Sultan was and is still a rapist. Such proponents are silent over Portuguese, Dutch and even British incursions. But of course the Christians are not spared in their day to day bashing.


Hindu Nationalism is a travesty of historical truths. It is the great untruth masquerading as the new knowledge. It is divisive and geared towards the vote bank. It assumes that the Hindu majority in India all think alike on this issue. It is a false assumption. And what does a false premise do? It builds chimera after chimera, creates disruption and discord. See what a movie did, even before people had seen it? The new found Hindu Nationalism is terribly cunning and with guile. It coins phrases like ‘love jihad‘. It holds to question the very institution of marriage which is both anti-constitutional and unconstitutional.


This is the internal politics managed by some rabid supporters of a ‘new’ but rotten India. The external is managed by the leader who gives the impression to the outside world that this India wants peace, amity is the incarnate mediator among warring nations. And the rest of the world has been fooled- peremptorily.


While money is being wasted on external trips, the insider, the common man, the insufferably poor have to put up with inane if not insane actions like demonetization. The farmers are crying hoarse, their economy and geography are being besmirched by false promises, and all that we do is malign anyone not supporting us. Historical icons have been forgotten and only their vilification continues.


So, what will history record? That we had demagogues and philistines in the twenty first century building a history of myths and fantasies? Imagine rebuilding the Ayodhya temple issue on the claim that Rama lived there. If this is not historical fantasy, what is? Unabashed Hindu Nationalism is only retrograde. The tragedy is that people who are doing this, know it only too well. They are living for the moment, in fanatical excitement but in perverse reality. But blissfully ignorant of the irreparable harm they are causing to the Nation.


Nationalism at this juncture would mean redefining it, rebuilding its archetypal walls and having a people’s movement to junk this poison out of the country. A disease which is troubling millions. A disease which is making the stomachs emptier.


Can we let this insanity prevail? The insanity is making us a split nation. So on the one hand we have an impeccable international image, internally we bleed. Look, how the Karni Sena held an entire country to ransom. Look how ‘love jihad’ is scurrying the High Courts and the Supreme Court to either save a marriage or condemn it to ignominy. Look how on the pretext of religion cow slaughter, interfering into economy and food habits has been banned nationally. Look how Dalits are being treated. And look at how money laundering has taken place in the most criminal of ways by a business family apparently having strong  connections, otherwise how could he turn up at the World Economic Summit?


We need to answer these questions. If the purport of the government is to fill in only its coffers by GST and cutting grants in aid to universities by 30% where will the money be distributed? Is privatization of education a cause for accessibility? Or the equity we talk about? Why is the health system being infernally grounded in malpractices and corruption? While this is happening in the private sector the public is inching towards a self defeated progress. The government must answer as to the effectiveness of the public private partnership in the health sector. So a veneer of Nationalism propagated on an edifice of regressive Hinduism which swathes blood will do nothing for development. Development will come out of a Constitutional forbearance, not out of a Constitutional crisis. The crisis takes place because of the avowed anti secular stand taken by fanatics where building a temple and demolishing a mosque is a national issue.


First and foremost is restoration of secularism. Then only development can take place. Recognize all Indians as One. Don’t make religion a formula for the vote bank. Don’t make culture an issue where there is none. We must save this Constitutional crisis.





Ananya S Guha

Ananya S Guha was born and brought up in Shillong, North East India. He has seven collections of poetry and his poems have been published worldwide. They have also been featured in several anthologies. He is also a columnist, critic and editor. He now is a Regional Director at the Indira Gandhi National Open University and holds a doctoral degree on the novels of William Golding.

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