February 27, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Davina Francis








I take off the metrical flow of sounds from my ears

To the pounding and scrapping from my neighbours’

To the blaring honks on the streets

To the cussing of drivers who drank reckless wine

To yelling hawkers disturbing the peace of ears under the umbrella of advertisement

To the inviting blast of danfo and skelewu from speakers

To the whistling cries of suckers clinging to lactating mothers

To the clashing of ‘steeltensils’ or breaking of ceramics by couples

To the hammering of nails by Father Abraham unaware that his hits are aches

To the hoarse voice of the policeman in black-brown boats for his taxing job on potty roads

To the awakening roar of UP NEPA! from children racing in pants

To the scruffy looking preacher reading endlessly from his dogeared holy book in adherence to his rule of forbidden punctuation

To the protests of DIE! DIE! DIE! from poultry housing ministries

To the forever winding of over-lubricated grinders

To the mourning scene of a man who was haunted by his village people

To the recitation of the reward of tithing by lousy men who claim to be of God

To tongue speaking hypocrites, godfathers to prostitutes

To the bustle of Mama Bobo’s finger-licking restaurant, God knows what

To the silence between gay lovers

To the songs sung by old rusty generators

To hushing mutters of hair dressers to their ever poking clients

To persistent knocks by suits carrying umbrellas and bags

Sometimes, they knock for the deaf to open

To the toasting of fresh chics under the angry glare of the sun

To shouts of Eta Agbor! Edimotop! Atimbo! Or Marian! By Calabar’s road transporters of confusion at newbies

To the rowdy life I live outside my door

Or the still life I experience through my windows

Or even the dust that blinds me when I think I’m about to see peace and spread my arms to the feel of nature


I grow tired of hearing noises and put back the flow that beats my drums

Music is an artistic silence.






Davina Francis

Davina Francis is a writer and poet. She is a native of Cross River State and a student of the department of English and Literary Studies, University of Calabar, Nigeria.

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