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March 2, 2018 Music , MUSIC/FILM/TV

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Journey through fabulous times, discovering, creating and executing the sound of music for millions of people out there across local and global music, the legendary artist, producer and host of the longest running FM radio transmission in the country speaks at great length on the strengths of radio media and its impact on the generations that follow. “Dancing to the Music of time“ – he says.


Inspiration for many rising stars, Zeeshan Shah has been instrumental in the transformation of music through the years, with his unique signature style, fresh concepts, jest for sound and that dynamic timber that echoes from his voice; a powerful force – 13 years at FM 91, easily the longest running radio transmission in the country.





He started off as one of the first radio Jockeys of the 90 s – “The Jukebox Hero“. Launching music through a restaurant called DJs – a regular 90s haunt for the cool musicians and socialites back in the time, later on teaming up with the Lips Records Label – that gave birth to emerging radio talent in “the definitive era”.


The Rising star of the ’90’s Breakfast Show’ – he rose to prominence as the Magic Voice of the network- stylish, refreshing, dynamic and sexy with FM 100 – Pakistan s First Radio Station in 1995 and carried on working and producing music bytes and jingles, big ticket commercials and most importantly, bringing amazing music from around the world to the ears of the public in Pakistan.


His “Lunch time Special“ provided the recipe for lunchtime radio shows and was the first lunchtime show in Pakistan.


Creativity and longevity are the very important features that define this man- the style reflects in cosmic sounds, psychedelic patterns and colorful combinations of tracks, mixes and hits that make him a consistent sound collaborator of radio music. Expert of the 70s and 80s genre, his next big claim to fame came with CItyFM89, producing and hosting such dreams shows like the famous ‘Retro 89’ and ‘That 80s Show’, some of them still on air with other RJs, proving the point.


Recipient of the Corporate Award for the longest running radio show in Pakistan, he continues to rock the waves and entertain massive audiences across continents uniting nations through music.





Inspired by Jim Morrison of the Doors from the 60s, Michael Jackson in the 70s and Wham in the 80s, his fusion includes unlimited bands and he re-emerges every time with the music – Original and Authentically Vintage & Valuable.


Zeeshan Shah also known as the “Z factor“ celebrates 13 years with FM 91. His famous show aired on weekends is ‘Flashback – 3 decades of greatest hits of the 60s 70s and 80s‘, bearing his classic signature mark that remains the all-time favorite for music lovers of all ages.


We hope that he continues to revive traditional and contemporary music beats and sounds of the past, keeping the magic alive for future generations – a true “Blast from the Past“ for all his fans across the world.





Zeeshan A. Shah

The writer is a Director at CNNA Pakistan – a leading advocacy institute and is an expert on International Relations and Education Policy.

With over 150 publications in major local and global social media & newspapers, he has been instrumental in producing over 5000 radio broadcasts aired globally.

A thought leader, environmental journalist, media broadcaster and a change maker with an acute focus on development affairs & education for Pakistan.

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