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Adamu Usman Garko




Out Of This Motherland



This chased motherland

Battered by the glutton’s hue

In groans cries are sent

And in starve death is a gate

This gloom fatherland

Where land can’t be farmed

For dare crises arise in debris

And starve our comely soil

This deadly since tremble forest

Hunters had already choke its image

Where dead animals rule

And where death is not a warning





There Is A Room Inside You



Before your body is a cave

Enclosed glasses and rubbers

In your eyes

& in your hue

There’s naught hell

No even holes

That’ll cause errs,

People know you with a name


when you’re free to swing

Before the cows,

Going up and down like a stone

Before you’re curved into


& known to be the grumbling


Why did you let dismay

In vain shawl your


There’s a room

Inside rooms

One may decide to be lamb

& others may metamorphose to a

Red black sting colour like Speer

Which one did you take:

Life with good images

Or filthy images?







Adamu Usman Garko

Adamu Usman Garko is the author of the eBook Lonely Season, a student, he writes and lives in  Gombe, Gombe state. Nigeria. Poet and Story writer: His poems have appeared in different magazines and journals, and some will be featured in an anthology out soon. Some of my poems have appeared in Tuck Magazine, The Art and Musefair, Praxis.

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