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Kolawole Samad







To be there, he was focused.

When he stands tall, fears flee–

Merely to look like a lost lamb.

Pine grows in thorn; they’d said,

And yet, they are beautiful with ease.

Today, continue what you do,

Don’t do this and stop,

Whilst another is looming to begin.








Triclets for you Wurá,

Triclets in many tones,

Triclets in five stanzas.

Mama! Such a deity she is.

Lots sacrifices you’d made,

To make fire come from two stones.

Run and roam to the path safe.

Lots cries as when bothered,

But keeps a smile to get gathered.

Pacing the Hall with a pot belly

And sweating all time like split melons

Abiamó Ku oro Omo

Orisá bi iya is never in existence,

Nor is it written for all to see.

Abiamó Ku oro omo

The sailor to my ship,

You would suffered that I survived,

Uhmm… Abiamó Ku oro omo






Kolawole Samad

Kolawole Samad (Ennyfheni) is a writer and lover of poems of any type. He is presently an undergraduate social work student in university of Ilorin, Nigeria. He believes in words as the world itself was made with one.

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