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March 9, 2018 Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Selorm Adoboe



After all my show offs and swagger, I sat quietly in my room and began to ask myself these questions.


So why will my family sacrifice all their energy and wealth just to make sure I am going to school, am healthy and happy?


Why will they have sleepless nights because of me?


Then I began to remember the truth about everything! I began to realise the various nightmares that my family have.


I began to realise that one prayer keeps running in their hearts and began to see the answers they will need from me to be happy.


I realised my mom’s greatest prayer is her sickness, my daddy is how he could at least have a decent meal to eat after all day of hard-work.


My sisters’ and brothers’ were about how they could also go to school without being sacked and my poor auntie and uncle’s was about that leaking roof that keeps them awake all night when it rains.


So why is our focus all on how we can live in luxury and not about the people who sacrificed everything they could to get us where we are?


Sometimes we don’t need our family to tell us what they need, we just have to cast our minds back.





Selorm Adoboe

Selorm Adoboe is a final year student at the University of Cape Coast, Ghana! He has about five proses published on tuckmagazine and he manages a motivational page on Facebook called Limitless skies outreach! He reads Economics and Geography!

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