May 2, 2018 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Jennifer N. Shannon




truth denied



decades ago they closed their eyes

covered astonished mouths

ignored children

now adults

who can’t forget

innocence snatched

faith lost


but it’s been this way

authority has always preyed on weakness

people have always pretended not to know

that this world was built on evil

clothed as righteousness.








it’s normal now

not to exhale

not to enjoy anything

to be afraid of everything

to be unable to write

to know the world has gone mad

to know, i have gone mad too.






Jennifer N Shannon jns

Jennifer N. Shannon

Jennifer N. Shannon (jns) is an author, writer and artist. Writing is the place she feels the most free and even during “work hours” she is often consumed by an overwhelming desire to share experiences, dreams and anything that has to do with love and truth, with those who like her want to feel and be more than what is considered the norm. She has authored and published three books and has had short stories and poems published by literary magazines. Her published work demonstrates but a portion of the heart and soul of her writing which can also be found on Medium.

jns continues to graciously pour her heart into various forms of expression in hopes of inspiring others…

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  1. Suzanne May 02, at 07:30

    Jennifer, your writing style is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your gift!


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