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May 2, 2018 Middle East , Opinion , OPINION/NEWS

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Waqar Haider



Muslims account for 24% of the world’s population. According to a report 320 to 350 million Shia Muslims are living in the world which equates to 20% of the Muslim population. The major countries with Shia Muslims are Iran, Pakistan, India and Iraq.


The United States’ population is 325.7 million. Let’s take a look at the top ten allies of the U.S.: Canada, Australia, UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Sweden and Germany; and on the other hand the top ten countries which are mainly victims of war on terror or facing U.S. invasion: North Korea, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan and Palestine. This information shows that three major Shia majority countries are not only facing sanctions from the United States but also face military invasion from the U.S. and its allies.


This information is provided in the context of the current U.S. military attack on Syria. From that day and with the passing of each subsequent day you have seen major stories in print, electronic and social media regarding missile strikes in Syria by the United States and its allies. In these stories readers and viewers can easily see the term ‘pro-Assad fighters‘. It means that Iranian fighters are not only pro-Assad regime but are also fighting for it. The news regarding Iranian fighters in Iraq and Palestine has also been in the media for over a decade. It means that Iran is on the front line against the U.S. and Israel.


We can therefore see that Hezbollah, Hamas, Zainebiyoun, and pro-Assad fighters are all backed by Iran and fighting on the front lines against U.S. allies. But actually it’s not only Iran but Shia Muslims that are fighting in all these countries. A couple of weeks earlier the KSA Crown Prince in his interview revealed that Wahhabism has been promoted at the request of Europe. The rise of ISIS was the worst from of the Wahhabism phenomenon which has reportedly been defeated by Pro-Assad fighters and Zainebiyoun in Iraq. This victory is down to Iran and its allies, but on the other hand, we now have allegations of weapons of mass destruction on account of the U.S. and its allies’ invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan, though no evidence of these have been found. And now the same situation has ocurred in Syria.


What will happen if Iran starts recruiting Shia youngsters in the name of a military collision against the U.S. and its allies? We have already seen this kind of military conflict in Syria with the name of Zainebiyoun.





Waqar Haider

Waqar Haider is a Journalist and Assignment Editor at the Islamabad Bureau of Channel 24 News.

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