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We now know that the FBI infiltrated the Trump campaign in the autumn of 2016. We even know infiltrator’s name – Stefan Halper – a 73-year-old professor emeritus at Cambridge University with connections to both the CIA and MI6.


What we don’t know is why.


President Donald Trump would like us to believe that Halper was placed in his ranks as part of a deep state conspiracy by America’s security and intelligence establishment working in collusion with the Obama White House and Clinton campaign. His purpose was to undermine his campaign and keep him out of the White House. If that is the case then Halper, Obama, Clinton and the intelligence establishment, failed miserably.


The Washington Post and New York Times pointed out that Halper was given the infiltration task after the delivery of the Steele dossier alleging Trump campaign collusion with Russia. The clear implication was that Halper’s brief was to prove or disprove the claims in the Steele dossier.


It has also been revealed that Halper has met several times with agents from the Mueller investigation, including Robert Mueller.


It is also known that he met several times with members of the Trump team during the autumn 2016 election campaign. They include three members of the Trump campaign team who have since been investigated by Mueller.


Halper himself is staying put in his Cambridge apartment and saying nothing. He is an American and a Republican from the traditional globalist wing of the party. He donated money to the campaign of George W. Bush but quickly regretted his support and publicly recanted.


So here are the questions? Was Halper a hero or zero? Was he sent by the FBI to stop Donald Trump from winning the election? Or was he sent to find out if Trump – or any of his campaign team – were colluding with the Russians to put a New York property tycoon in the White House? Is Trump right to think the intelligence community is conspiring against him? Or is the intelligence community right to think that Trump, or people in the Trump camp, are conspiring against America?





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